Yesterday, I was one of six priestesses to hold a Dark Moon ritual at at the Goddess Temple, in Glastonbury.

Over 40 people attended!

If you’ve ever been to the Temple, you know that 40 people makes it very full, and very cosy!!

It was an amazing experience with the most gorgeous contributions from the people who joined us.

There’s a lot of visitors to Glastonbury, and during the ritual people spoke their offerings in Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, German, and Welsh.

It felt wonderful to be part of such a rich and varied community.

A community who had stepped forward with the intention to bring more love to themselves, and the world.

But…I nearly let the fullness of the experience be taken away from me…

At the beginning of the ritual, the Priestesses call in the directions.

I went first, and totally missed one of my lines!

I was so annoyed with myself!

The internal dialogue was muttering away to myself, wondering how I’d messed up such a vital part, especially as I must’ve done it over 100 times, both in circle and by myself.

I was silently muttering to myself, when I suddenly hear the (silent) words ‘how dare you!’

I was shocked for a second, and instantly realised it was true…

How dare I!

How dare I criticise myself for showing up.
How dare I take away from my contribution to the ritual, because I forgot one line of many.
How dare I focus on feeling sorry for myself, when I was there to hold sacred space for others.
How dare I take away my enjoyment of being part of something so special.
How dare I forget that as a human, I’m likely to make mistakes.
How dare I think I’d let people down, when in fact I’d already got so much right.


The list could go on…

It truly felt like, that in the seconds I’d spent muttering to myself, Cerridwen herself came and smacked me round the head, to knock some sense into me!

Luckily my internal chatter only lasted a few seconds, but how often do we focus on something we didn’t get right, rather than celebrating what we did well?

Just in that day Priestessing, I had:

  • Spent the day in Priestess training
  • Popped back to be with my boys, then got back to the Temple on time
  • Individually welcomed everyone that entered the Temple
  • Anointed and blessed everyone, as they joined the circle (remember that was over 40 people)
  • Remembered most of my lines…
  • Channelled through opening and closing parts of the ritual
  • Sang songs
  • Shook my rattle – kind of in time
  • Danced
  • etc…

With Lammas approaching, it’s time to step into the energy of appreciation for the first harvest.

So let’s be gentle with ourselves, let go of any annoyance with ourselves, and instead celebrate all that we have, and all that we do – even if it’s not perfect!

(And let’s not forget that last time I did the ritual at the Temple, I tripped on my floor length skirt – that I never wear, and nearly fell in the cauldron – I’m not sure which was worse!! But I’m still invited back, and will continue to show up!!)