For as long as I can remember, and we’re talking decades, I’ve created vision boards, I’ve encouraged others to do the same.

They’re fun to do, cutting out inspiring pictures and quotes, decorating them with glitter and stickers, playing with scissors and glue, what’s not to love?

But today I burnt my vision board. And I won’t be making any more

I know, I know… To some people it will be the ultimate crime against manifestation, but here’s the thing…

They can work. Sometimes they’ve worked for me, but some things have continued to elude me, despite my best manifestation efforts.
I can’t tell you how many people I work with who tell me that they have the car, the house, the holiday, the career they thought they wanted, but still feel empty, they still know that there is something more for them.

You see here’s the problem – we’re only human.

When you create a vision board you are telling the universe what you want, you are placing your order. But you can only order from the limited selection that you are aware of.


What if there was something better, something you weren’t even aware of.


I’ve always been a seeker, I’ve spent years and years, and so much money that I’ve lost count, trying to find ‘my purpose’.

All I knew is that I wanted to live in alignment with The Divine (whatever that may be). I’ve always had a deep longing to feel that I was living a life of purpose and fulfilling my souls purpose (whatever that was).

I’ve read hundreds of books, attended workshops, practised yoga, chanted, burnt incense, said affirmations and yes, made a whole lot of vision boards… But something was still missing, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was still a missing piece in my life.

I made a beautiful vision board in April, I made it under the Aries new moon because Aries is when you plant your seeds. It corresponded to the feng shui bagua to cover all areas of my life, it was a thing of beauty.

I looked at it regularly, I meditated on it and journalled around it.

But then something strange happened, it kept falling off the wall. Once I could have dismissed, but it fell off enough times that it caught my attention.


What is a vision board?

I decided to think about vision boards and what they represented to me.

It was my wish list, my wants from the universe.

I laughed.

Here I was wanting to live in alignment with The Divine, wanting to fulfill my souls calling, but how was I supposed to hear their guidance if I was too busy focusing on what I thought I wanted.

Surrender – eek!


Surely if I was living in alignment with The Divine, connecting, listening and trusting my intuition, everything would be taken care of.

If I was open to receive, surely I opened the way for magic and miracles to occur.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about sitting around and not doing anything. I’m talking about actively engaging with and acting on my intuition, invoking my inner Wise Woman, instead of chasing goals that might be limiting me or keeping me from people, events, and places, that really nourish and fulfil me.

What was I missing out on?

I’ve come full circle and am now ready to embrace Divine Order.

I’ve always believed that there is something much bigger than me, with a greater intelligence than I could ever know. I’ve always been hesitant to call it God, but I believe in something.

I only have to look to nature to recognise that there is Divine Order, a place for everything, nothing wasted. And then I remember that despite my comfy house, and mod cons, that I too am part of nature, governed and created by the same divine force.

Too many times I’ve looked back on my life and seen how seeming disasters have actually been gifts or the times that with hindsight I realised that if I’d gotten what I wanted, things wouldn’t have been as good as they are now.

I know that if I remain open, I can recognise, align with, and follow the bigger plan for me, the one that I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

I am ready to do what I have always wanted, what has been calling me all along, to turn my plans over to Divine Wisdom, knowing that the perfect plan is already in place, and it’s okay that I don’t know what it is, as I’ll be shown the way.

It’s in doing this I get to experience the freedom that I have always so strongly desired.

Striving is replaced with surrender: ‘what would you have me do?’

Simple? Ha No! Far from it.

But I’m ready to try, fail, and try again.


Will you join me?