The other day I was working with a client who was unsure about what to focus her business on. She had an idea, but her energy wasn’t fully aligned with it.

She was quick to tell me how gifted her sister was, but she couldn’t fully recognise her own gifts.

I asked her to tell me what she had studied and the jobs she had done over the years, so that I could tell her the pattern that was uniquely her gift.

Spotting the Patterns

You see, this is my gift; to uncover the patterns – both the patterns that support us, and those that hold us back..

She laughed as she reeled off a shopping list of qualifications and jobs, certain they were all so different that there couldn’t be a pattern.

She definitely isn’t my first client who thought they’d had just had a random collection of experiences, but every time, every.single.time, I can see the patterns.

As soon as I shared my observations, she laughed again.

This time with relief, as she exclaimed ‘Yes! That’s what I’ve been thinking

The Annoying Truth

You see, these patterns are hardly ever a surprise to someone when I share them.

The (annoying) truth is we have the answers we need, we just need help getting what’s going on inside, out.

By the end of the session my client was lit and not wanting to go back to sleep (she had unknowingly to me, got up at stupid o’clock in the morning to have her session, and really did need to go back to bed!)

When we can identify the patterns, we discover which support us and show us the golden thread that connects us to our passions and purpose, and which patterns need to be released, so we can free ourselves from making the same mistakes, experiencing the same disappointments over and over again.

Breaking the Patterns that Keep You in a Loop

If you’d love to identify the supportive patterns that will reignite your passion and purpose and uncover those that keep you feeling frustrated, you’ll love my recently updated course, Break the SPELLs – SPELLs are what I call these patterns, you can learn why here.

‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ is designed to help you identify these patterns and use them to support you craft a deeply nourishing and fulfilling life.

This program will equip you with wisdom to:

⚡ Create a new story that uplifts and motivates, rather than limiting you.

⚡ Explore your perspectives to reveal opportunities that might have been hidden.

⚡ Cultivate richer, more meaningful experiences and connections.

⚡ Harness the power of your words to influence your reality.

⚡ Build unwavering loyalty to your OWN well-being and YOUR future.

With ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’, you can step into the magick that is YOU!

This is an introspective program, no teachings, no videos, just you and your journal, as I give you the questions to unlock what’s inside and bring it to light.

Although this is a self-paced course, there is a community you can tap into to share your realisations and I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have.

The course is just £27

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