As we move through the ebb and flow of the moon cycle, you go on your very own monthly SHEro’s Journey.

We’ve been following this journey, and aligning ourselves with the moon energies, so that we can support and super-charge our manifestation intentions.

As we move through each stage of your Journey, we can use the mineral kingdom to ease the transitions, and enhance the energy available to us.

Here are the crystals that I’ve chosen for each stage of the Journey.

The New Moon

The Call to Adventure

During The New Moon Phase Of The Moon Cycle You Are Being Called Inward. Your Potential To Tap Into Your Intuition Is At A Peak.

Something inside you is stirring, beginning to awaken.
You feel ready to leave all that you know behind you, as you begin your adventure into the unknown.
It may not make rational sense, but the feeling is so strong you have to take action.
You’ve been dreaming about this day for a long time.

Crystal Ally


Selenite is a protective stone and is excellent for energy cleansing, space clearing and removing any stagnant, negative energy.

It can clear energetics blocks that have been holding you back.

Using this stone can bring clarity, and you learn to trust your inner guidance and the messages you receive.

These properties are perfect during this moon phase as you begin to connect with The Call and dream about all of the possibilities that lie ahead.


The Waxing Crescent Moon

Crossing The Threshold

During The Waxing Crescent Moon Phase Of The Moon Cycle Your Powers For Manifesting Are Increasing

Your dreams and desires are clear, now it’s time to leave the comfort of home and take your first steps on your new adventure.
Although you may be nervous, you are more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.
You are ready to break free of the limitations of the past and create a new life on your own terms.

Crystal Ally

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz promotes love, passion and harmony, and opens your heart.

It helps things to blossom and will have a positive influence as you start following your dreams.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as it supports you to have confidence in following your dreams as you Cross The Threshold to begin to manifest your intention.

The First Quarter Moon


During The First Quarter Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To Take Action

During this stage of the journey you may face obstacles, many from yourself; your internal chatter and limiting beliefs.
You may begin to doubt yourself, or think that things aren’t possible for you.
It’s during this stage that other people may try to discourage you. It’s up to you how much of their advice you take.
Now is the time to face these challenges. Accept them as part of the journey and use them as a way to ensure that you are moving in the direction that you choose.

Crystal Ally


Carnelian promotes motivation, endurance, leadership and courage.

It encourages you to take action in your life and gives you the endurance to overcome difficulties.

As a bonus, carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as it supports you to initiate change and have the courage to face oncoming challenges, as well as attracting additional resources to support your journey. 


The Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Abyss

During The Waxing Gibbous Crescent Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To
Make Changes And Get Ready To Receive

During this stage of the journey you may feel that you are between places.
No longer at home, but not yet where you want to be.
You may feel unsure of what you’re doing, but you are aware that change is starting.
Now is the time to call on extra support, be on the look out for signs and ‘coincidences’ from the universe

Crystal Ally


Citrine promotes prosperity, abundance, creativity and good fortune.

It can dissolve any negative patterns that you have around your ability to receive prosperity.

It promotes generosity and success.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as it supports you to draw your intentions closer to you and encourages you to keep moving forward, even if you have doubts.


The Full Moon

The Significant Challenge

During The Full Moon Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To Work Hard,
Play Hard And Celebrate

During this stage you are about to face a major hurdle or obstacle, it may push you more than you thought possible.
Part of you will die, maybe you will release an old belief about yourself.
You overcome this obstacle and you will never be the same again.
You have a greater belief in yourself, more confidence in your intuition and your abilities.
It’s time to celebrate your achievements.

Crystal Ally

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz promotes your ability to align yourself with what you truly desire, and it amplifies your ability to receive.

It enhances your intuition and brings you a deep sense of connection to something bigger than yourself.

It brings you greater clarity and insight and communication becomes easier.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as it supports you to trust your intuition and inner wisdom as you face the challenges. It also amplifies your successes. 


The Waning Gibbous Moon

The Reward

During The Waning Gibbous Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To
Enjoy The Rewards Of Your Efforts

You can now enjoy the rewards of your efforts.
You have overcome obstacles and challenges and have learnt more about yourself, and grown as a result.
You have achieved what you set out to gain, it’s now time to give thanks and acknowledge all that you have accomplished.

Crystal Ally

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz promotes clarity, whilst centring and grounding you.

It enhances your ability to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

It grounds your dreams and desires into reality so that you can enjoy them.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as by removing the old patterns of behaviour, you make the space to receive the new, and enjoy your achievements. 


The Last Quarter Moon

The Road Back

During The Last Quarter Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To Evaluate Your Efforts And Release What No Longer Works For You

You achieved what you set out to achieve, it’s now time to begin your journey back home.
Home to your ordinary world.
Although the ordinary world remains unchanged, you return to it knowing that you have changed and may wonder how you will fit back in.
There may be more challenges to face as you re-integrate your new knowledge, with what you knew before.

Crystal Ally


Aquamarine promotes clear communication, reduces stress and promotes positive changes in your life.

It supports you to release emotions such as anger, old wounds and outdated emotional patterns.

It helps you to think clearly, bringing clarity of thought and communication.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as by being able to see your situation with clarity, you can identify and release what no longer works for you, it will also help to alleviate any concerns you have as you start your journey back home. 


The Waning Crescent Moon

Return With The Elixir

During The Waning Crescent Phase Of The Moon Cycle It’s Time To Rest, Nurture Yourself And Turn Inwards

You take time to rest and integrate all of the new knowledge and wisdom that you have accumulated on your journey.
You accept your transformation; the new views that you now have of the world, and adjust to your new place in it.
You know that it’s time, and that you’re ready, to share your lessons and wisdom with others who are ready to hear them.
You continue to share this knowledge, until once again, you are called on your next adventure, where you begin the cycle once more.

Crystal Ally


Bloodstone promotes personal power, courage and confidence.

It supports you to summon your courage and strength, it enhances your tenacity to resolve any issues or worries, so that you can become more confident and secure in your beliefs about who you are.

It helps you take responsibility for all that you have created.

These properties are perfect for this moon phase as by standing in your own power with confidence, allows you to embrace the transformation that you have been through and value the wisdom and insight that you have gained. 


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