In the realm of spirituality and personal growth, the concept of living a ‘magickal’ life often conjures images of mysticism, rituals, and an otherworldly connection to the universe. While these can be integral aspects, a magickal life is also deeply personal and unique to each individual.

It’s a harmonious blend of your beliefs, practices, and daily activities that bring a sense of wonder, connection and purpose. In essence, it’s about creating a life that feels both enchanted and authentic to you.

Inspired by the opening section of the ‘Magickal Living‘ journal, this blog post aims to guide you through a reflective journey. We’ll explore how to define what a magickal life looks like for you, complete with journal prompts to stir your imagination and solidify your vision.


Guidelines for Exploring Your Magickal Life

The Power of Self-Reflection

Discover Your Unique Perspective:

What does ‘magickal’mean to you?

Is it about ritual, a connection to nature, the observation of meaningful coincidences, or something else entirely?

Consider Your Values and Beliefs
These will shape your version of a magickal life. Knowing what is important to you is the first step in living authentically.

Engage With Your Senses
As you contemplate what makes life magickal for you, consider all your senses.

What sights, sounds, or scents evoke a sense of wonder or spiritual connection?


Openness to Experience

Nature and Environment
If nature resonates with you, consider how you can incorporate it into your life.

It might be as simple as a walk in the park or as involved as hiking trips to connect with the earth.

Signs and Synchronicities
Pay attention to life’s small coincidences and messages. Are they meaningful to you?

Personal Markers and Celebrations
Whether it’s the changing seasons, milestones, or the Wheel of the Year, consider what events or moments you want to observe in your own special way.


Community and Growth

Connect With Like-minded Individuals
This could be online in this app, friends, or local communities that share your interest in what makes life magickal.

Never Stop Exploring
Keep reading, learning, and exploring different facets of spirituality and personal growth that interest you.

Journal Prompts to Dive Deeper

1. How would you describe a magickal life in your own words?
Is it tied to rituals, nature, the universe, or perhaps something more abstract?

Reflection: Consider this question as an open-ended exploration of what ‘magickal’ embodies for you. Go beyond mere definitions; delve into how you ‘feel’ when something appears magickal.

Tips: You may want to create a mood board, write a poem, or even make a playlist that encapsulates what a magickal life means to you.

2. What activities or experiences make you feel most connected to your concept of magick?
Describe these experiences in detail.

Reflection: Sometimes activities that may seem mundane, such as gazing at the stars or walking barefoot on grass, can have magickal implications for you. What experiences resonate deeply with your spirit?

Tips: Capture the sensory details. What did it smell like, feel like, or sound like? The more vividly you can describe these activities, the more they can serve as a guide to integrating them into your life.

3. Are there seasonal or annual events that hold particular importance for you?
These could be natural occurrences like the first snowfall, or traditional sabbats like Yule or Beltane.

Reflection: Seasonal changes and yearly events can serve as markers for inner transformation or new beginnings. Are there any you look forward to or celebrate?

Tips: If certain seasons or events resonate with you, consider how you can celebrate them in a manner that aligns with your concept of magick. You don’t have to follow established norms; even simple observances can be deeply meaningful.

4. What are the core beliefs that drive your idea of a magickal life?
How do these beliefs manifest in your day-to-day experiences?

Reflection: Your core beliefs are the bedrock of your magickal life. What philosophies or ethics are at the heart of your practices or worldview?

Tips: Examine a typical day in your life. Can you see how your core beliefs manifest in your choices, interactions, or even in your internal dialogue?

5. What barriers, if any, do you feel might be holding you back from living a magickal life?
Are there internal or external factors that you feel need addressing?

Reflection: Barriers could be anything from self-doubt to societal norms that don’t align with your beliefs. Identifying them is the first step toward overcoming them.

Tips: Make a list of these barriers and brainstorm actionable steps to mitigate them. Consider reaching out to like-minded individuals or communities for support and guidance.


Designing your magickal life is a continual process of self-discovery and expression. It involves aligning your daily activities with your deepest beliefs and desired experiences.

This synergy between the mundane and the magickal creates a fulfilling, enchanting life journey.

So grab your journal, light some incense, and let your imagination soar as you delve into designing your own magickal life.

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