Hi my name’s Rebecca and I love cauldrons.

Seriously, I really do love cauldrons (almost as much as I love trees!), and have lots (and lots, and lots…) of them, is there such a thing as too many cauldrons?

I have cast iron ones I use for rituals and ceremony, one’s that I burn incense in, some that hold candles, others that are purely decorative, and some that I use to store herbs, crystals, twigs and stones in.

I love how they’re the perfect blend of practical, magical, and transformational, as well as being the ultimate metaphor for life.



First and foremost they’re a saucepan.

They’re designed to cook and create food that nourishes and nurtures you.

And when they’re not simmering with a hearty soup or stew, they’re perfect for storing things in.



They’ve long been associated with magic, creating potions, setting intentions and releasing old patterns.

Cauldrons appear in many Celtic myths along side Goddesses such as Cerridwen and Brigid, and can a fairy tale witch who doesn’t have a cauldron, even call herself ‘Witch’?



A cauldron is just a vessel. Empty and containing nothing but potential. But just as if you were making a soup, it’s a space for blending ingredients together, to make something richer and more flavourful than the individual ingredients by themselves.


And a Metaphor for Life:

Life is practical.

We live in the world in our physical body, and there are certain things we need to do in order to survive. We can’t escape them, we just need to do them… They’re not always exciting or overly sexy, but if we want to continue to live, we just need to get on and do them, such as breathing, nourishing ourselves, taking care of our health and resting.

It’s also magical.

Life is filled with awe and wonder and things that just feel… well… magical. Whether it’s watching a breathtaking sunrise with the birds serenading you with their dawn chorus, the tender touch of your lover as you fall in love for the first time, or having a tiny baby gaze at you as they hold on to your finger.

Some things in life are so magical they can’t be explained, they have to be experienced to be understood.

And life is most definitely transformational.

We live a life that is full of potential. Our choices, experiences and circumstances forge us into the people we are and the people that we’re becoming. Nothing stays the same… ever. And the more we can embrace the transformation the richer our experience of life becomes.


And the REAL MAGIC happens when you can embrace the entire cauldron of life!

When you can show up fully.

When you can bring your whole self to your experience of life – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’, and not just the ‘pretty and socially acceptable parts, you get to create a richer, heartier and more flavourful experience of life.

When you blend the mundane with the magical, when you get to own all of yourself, your quirks and your own unique blend of magic. You get to experience amazing transformation in all areas of your life as you begin to embody your own true, and very unique, essence.


To begin to connect with your essence, become curious about these questions:

What is your unique magic; how do you see the world differently from those around you?

What part of yourself are you ready to embrace more of?

And finally, what are you slightly obsessed with, or of course fully obsessed with 😉 , or is it just me with the obsessions?

Take these answers and add them to your own ‘cauldron of being’, and watch your life become more magical!

And if you’re ready to remember and embrace more of your own essence, simply START HERE