Listen. Because listening’s important:

Hi and welcome to the Re-Enchant Your Life reminder.

Your sacred pause in the day where you’re encouraged to take a moment to stop and tune into your inner wisdom and become present, so that you can reconnect to your personal power and confidently embrace who you’re becoming, as you Re-Enchant Your life and create the change you truly desire.

Today you’re being reminded to make clear choices.

Re-energise your dreams and desires.

What are the specific outcomes that you want?

What is it you want to be experiencing?

What feelings and values do you want to be front and centre of your day, your week, your life?

How do you want your relationships to be, both with yourself and those around you?

Dreaming about your desires is wonderful, and now it’s time to make choices that move you into alignment with them.

You’re here for a purpose; and that purpose is to be the most fully expressed version of yourself, it’s time to embrace all of you, and live your life out loud.

Take yourself and your dreams seriously, you have them for a reason.

Believe in yourself and all that you are.

Make aligned choices.

You are enough.

You are perfect just as you are.

No more biding your time, the time will pass anyway, you may as well be moving in the direction of your own choosing.

In this very moment, just pause and take a breath, as make clear choices.


Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is take action on your choices.

Make calls.

Set up appointments.

Plan your schedule.

Support your plans with action.

Be mindful of the words you use and the stories you buy into.

Clear the energetic blocks keeping you stuck.

Ask for help.

Get support.

Take strong determined action.

Even small steps will make a difference.

Use your energy to make your dreams come true.

Pause, and take a breath. As you act on your decisions.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I make clear choices”

I’ll see you tomorrow for your daily reminder to Re-Enchant Your Life with me, Rebecca-Anuwen,

In the meantime, enjoy moving forward as you walk Your SHEro’s Journey!



Every choice you make counts.

Every choice you make sets a course of events into action.

When you make a choice, you set of on a new path.

As you step forward you step into the choice, it comes alive and starts to become your reality.

You are a powerful co-creator of your experience, choose consciously.

Choose from a place that aligns with your own dreams and desires, and not from a place of expectation.

If you step forward into a choice made from expectation, one day it will lead to frustration and resentment.

If you step forward into an aligned choice, you step forward with power, confidence, optimism and possibility.

Yes, you are that powerful, and the real magic happens when you begin to name and claim that power, as the creator of your life.


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