SHEro Toolkit Journey Casting Charms


Get quick, clear guidance when you need it most.

The SHEro Toolkit Journey Casting set has been designed to help you to navigate your way on Your SHEro’s Journey as you awaken your inner power.

Journey Casting

Take a moment of Sacred Pause.

Connect with your inner wisdom and find the clarity you seek.

Journey Casting is a form of divination that uses charms to connect with your intuitive insight.


The SHEro Toolkit Journey Casting set is made up of 56 charms that correspond with the 56 cards of the SHEro Oracle Toolkit Oracle deck.

Working with the charms is very similar to working with the SHEro Toolkit Oracle Cards.

Here’s how it works:



Take a moment to create a Sacred Pause to draw a charm(s). A daily ritual to centre yourself and reflect on your needs and guidance on what to focus on.


The charms are simple but deeply symbolic, giving you access to the deep wisdom that flows within and around you.


Connect to your intuition and deep inner knowing as you connect with the inner language of your soul and the world around you.


Receive clear messages and create customised guidance using the charms to keep you aligned, on track and moving towards your true purpose.


Let the SHEro Toolkit charms share their wisdom to help you navigate your very own SHEro’s Journey with more grace, ease and clarity.


These beautiful charms have been carefully selected to help you to connect with your intuition, and create a deepening trust of this inner wisdom.


You receive 56 charms, safely packaged in a unique hand-made cotton, drawstring bag. You have the option of purchasing the accompanying guidebook that includes 25 oracle spreads.


**PLEASE NOTE** Some of the charms may vary from those you see in the image, but they will still reflect the energy of the set.


The Charms

The SHEro Toolkit Journey Casting set has 56 carefully chosen, beautiful charms to help you navigate your journey through life with clarity, purpose and direction.


The Bag

The charms are presented in a custom made cotton bag. Each bag unique and created with various parts of the SHEro’s Journey Map.

The Guidebook

There’s the option to purchase the accompanying guidebook with its 157 pages of inspiration and guidance.

The Guidebook is designed to work with the cards, but can be used exactly the same way with the charms.


Each card/charm comes with the following information:

* The symbolic meaning of the cards/charms

* Guidance on the card/charm.

* A suggestion of aligned SHEro Action for you to deepen into the wisdom of the card/charm.

* An affirmation for you to work with.


The Guidebook also contains information on how to work with the cards/charms and the SHEro’s Journey in a much deeper way.

Also, included in the guidebook are 25 unique card layouts for you to work with and explore, as you spiral deeper into your own inner-knowing and understanding of your life.


The Journey Casting Course

When you purchase this Journey Casting Set,  you get complimentary access to the Journey Casting Course, which walks you through everything you need to know on how to use the charms.



There are 56  charms in the SHEro Toolkit Journey Casting set.

Thet have been carefully chosen to represent the SHEro’s Journey outlined in the SHEro Toolkit.

**PLEASE NOTE** Some of the charms may vary from those you see in the image, but they will still reflect the energy of the set.


GUIDEBOOK: (Optional)
The SHEro Toolkit Oracle Deck has the option to come with a Guidebook.

The 157 page guidebook includes a full description and suggested interpretation of each of the 56 cards/charms.

The Guidebook contains 25 card/charm spreads for you to explore.



(Access to the course will be emailed to you by the 25th May)

The only course you’ll need to discover how to work with charms to access your intuition and get the most out of your Journey Casting set.

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