SHEro Archetype Oracle Cards


Connect with your inner wisdom and find the answers you seek.

The SHEro Archetype Oracle Cards are a beautiful tool to reconnect you to your inner wisdom and awaken your intuition so that you can find the clarity and purpose you seek.

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Take a moment of Sacred Pause.

Connect with your inner wisdom and find the answers you seek.

The SHEro Archetype Oracle Cards are a beautiful tool to reconnect you to your inner wisdom and awaken your intuition so that you can find the clarity and purpose you seek.


Work with the SHEro Archetype Oracle Cards to get guidance and clarity on any area of your life.

Here’s how it works:


Take a moment to create a Sacred Pause to draw a card(s), maybe a daily ritual to centre and reflect, or a deeper experience for guidance on a particular issue or challenge that you’re experiencing.


As you explore the cards in this deck, you’ll be introduced to 9 nine SHEro Archetypes, who’ll each provide you with the keys to unlock and reclaim aspects of your hidden power.

These Archetypes provide you with a framework that allows you to explore the patterns you’ve subconsciously picked up throughout your life. They provide a direct path to your subconscious, your emotions and the stories you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself.


Connect to your intuition and deep inner knowing. Allow the SHEro Archetypes to awaken and guide you to the answers you seek.


Each SHEro has her own sacred medicine to offer you. Each one will show you what you need to embody and what to release, how to rest and receive, and then how to integrate the wisdom of her specific gifts.


Let the SHEro Archetypes share their wisdom to help you navigate your very own SHEro’s Journey with more grace and ease. Let their gifts support you and activate your own wisdom, courage, joy and strength as you create your own Happily Ever After.

These beautiful oracle cards will help you to awaken your intuition, and create a deep trust of this inner wisdom.


You receive 45 cards, with a guidebook, presented in a beautiful full colour box with a lid.

The Cards

The SHEro Archetype Oracle Deck has 45 beautiful cards to take you on a journey to meet the 9 SHEro Archetypes.


The Major Cards

Each SHEro has her own Major card, which is the first in her set. This card offers you insight into the more significant changes and major moments in your life. It represents your own personal transformation and the maturing of your evolution. It also helps you to access the deepest medicine of the SHEro’s wisdom.


The Minor Cards

The Major card is followed by four Minor cards that walk you through that SHEro’s Journey. These Minor cards represent the day-to-day experiences of life. These are the smaller actions and events that build up to the major moments of your life, and they are split into the following four stages:

  • The Call: The inner voice that prompts you to take action.
  • The Significant Challenge: the major test or obstacle that challenges you (and may make you wonder why you started the journey in the first place).
  • The Transformation: the journey within, where you shed everything you no longer need and transform to conquer the challenge.
  • The Return: the journey home, where you bring the lessons you’ve learned back to share with others.

Working with these cards, you’ll come to realise that you’re not alone in your journey through life. You are, in fact, walking a shared journey – one that’s been walked for many millennia before you, and will continue to be walked for all time to come.

You have an entire Council of SHEroes – along with their love, wisdom and support – walking by your side. They’re waiting to guide you and show you the way back home to yourself, as you embrace your very own SHEro’s Journey.



SHEro Archetype Oracle Card size: 89mm x 127mm (Large Tarot size)

Presented in a beautiful box, complete with a 100 page guidebook.

The cards and the box have gold foil additions to them.

PLUS: The SHEro Oracle Course

The only course you’ll need to discover how to work with your intuition and get the most out of your oracle cards.

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