As soon as I heard the term ‘Sacred Pause’, my body recognised it and sighed ‘yes’.

There was almost a relief that came with it.

The Sacred Pause is a term I learnt from Molly Remer, who learnt it from Joanna Powell Colbert and is a central theme in my work.

I loved that there was a phrase that matched the energy I knew was needed and essential to everyone of us.

Being and Brewing

In a world that values doing and achieving, giving yourself time to be and brew, to honour the need of the Sacred Pause can be hard.

Yet the Sacred Pause is at the heart of life.

The Essence of Life

When you breathe, you breathe in, pause, and then breathe out. Without this pause you’d likely faint!

I like to think of it along the lines of walking the labyrinth.

When you walk a labyrinth, you enter with intention, often to seek the answer to a question you hold in your heart.

As you spiral in, you let go and release all of the things that are preventing you from finding the answer you seek.

Then when you get to the centre you pause.

The Sacred Pause.

The Sacred Pause where you allow yourself to assimilate. To allow the answer a chance to come to you. This is where the transformation and inspiration occurs.

Then when you’re ready, you spiral back out of the labyrinth, transformed, a new person, never to be the same again.

The Sacred Pause being quite literally the heart and the centre of this transformation and experience.

And then you really *KNOW*

I often think you know things and then you really *know* things.

I had this experience about the Sacred Pause – although I didn’t have a name for it then, when I started doing Kundalini Yoga.

I’d been dabbling with Yoga for years, and for me it had always had a focus on fitness and flexibility.

I was surprised when I started Kundalini Yoga, as we’d hold a pose, and then rest for longer than we’d held the pose.

Initially I noticed I was frustrated by this. I wanted to stretch and feel like I was ‘doing’ something.

But then I chose to trust the process.

And immediately noticed that in the Pause, in the rest, I could feel my energy releasing and moving around my body.

I started to value the importance of the rest, rather than the doing.

I realised that in the rest we were making the space for the magic to happen.

Ever since then I have honoured the Pause as much as the doing, understanding that both are needed.

To Consciously Pause

I definitely have a tendency to be prone to more doing, but I always ensure that each day I take moment to pause and check in with myself.

To Pause and allow the integration to happen.

To Pause and allow life to come to me.

If you’d like some help to embrace and experience the magic of the Sacred Pause I have a free practice for you, simply CLICK HERE