Yesterday I was chatting to a friend, I love our chats as nothing is off limits, the conversations go deeeeeeep, but there’s always lots of laughter too.

We got on to the topic of ‘Life purpose’.

You see I LOVE this conversation, and I do indeed believe everyone has a life purpose.

Except that where I differ from most people, is that I think everyone has the same one! Yes really, the same life purpose!

If you’re not sure, just hear me out…

I believe that your life purpose, my friends life purpose, and my own life purpose, is all the same thing.

And that our life purpose is….

To become the most fully expressed version of ourselves.

Sounds great! Yes?

But as my friend rightly asked: What does that actually mean?

For decades, I was looking for my purpose in life.

When I was 16 I started doing yoga with my ‘Teach Yourself Yoga’ book (which I still have!), I started becoming curious about who I was and what I was meant to do with my life.

I honestly don’t know where this drive came from, but I certainly started my journey of seeking that was to last decades.

Over the years this resulted in me attending workshops, doing trainings, collecting qualifications, doing just about every personality profile that I came across, each time hoping that I would find what I was looking for – my meaning, my purpose in life.

Then I realised (after decades lol), that I was going about this all wrong.

I was looking for my purpose as if it was a job title or a destination.

I’ll be happy/feel aligned/insert whatever you’re looking for… when I ‘get there’…

But there’s never a ‘final destination’.

We’re constantly evolving, growing and changing, or let’s face it, we’d no longer exist.

So instead of trying to become something or get to somewhere, I decided to let myself just evolve.

To unfold and see who I became when I stopped trying and started being.

I started embracing what I loved and interested me, I began following what made me curious and stopped doing what I thought I ‘should’ do.

It sounds simple…

But what makes this simple thing so hard is that we can become so entangled in what we’re taught and what’s expected of us (the SPELLs that I mentioned the other day), that it becomes impossible to hear, or even trust, what we know to be true about ourselves and what we want from life.

That then makes it difficult, often impossible, to trust ourselves to know what to do next in our lives.

The good news is that you can change this.

There is always a way! And the first step on your journey of breaking these SPELLs that have been keeping you disconnected from yourself, your truth and dreams and desires, is to renew your relationship with yourself and become deeply grounded into your own unique essence.

Again that sounds easy… and this time it is!

And it’s even easier, as I have a free gift for you so that you can start to do this immediately.

I was asked on a podcast, what did I think should be taught in every school, and I immediately said ‘Energetic health’, and this practice I’m going to share with you is just that.

We know we need to exercise to look after our physical body if we want to feel fit, healthy and vibrant, but we also need to look after our energy system too.

To get started click here, It’s called Your SACRED practice as it really is a sacred pause in your day, for you to come back home to yourself and remember what’s really important to you.