Avoid These Top Three Charm Casting Mistakes

Avoid These Top Three Charm Casting Mistakes


Charm Casting can be as complex or as simple as you desire.

You can use just one charm for a reading, or hundreds (although I would recommend not using 100’s when you’re starting out!)

I like to use between 10 and 30 charms when I’m doing a reading.

The more charms you use, the easier it can be to become overwhelmed or miss the clear message because you’re over complicating the reading.

Here’s the most common three mistakes people can make when interpreting their charm casting reading and what you can do instead.


Using Too Many Charms

It’s exciting to put your charm casting set together. If you’re like me, my charm kit grew very quickly as I started finding charms everywhere – to be honest it’s still growing lol

Silver charms, old jewellery, parts of old games, bits and bobs from around the house.

Everything was a possibility for my charm set!

In the box of charms that I have sitting on my office desk there are over 700 charms!

But when I do a reading I use only a fraction of them.

If I used all of them each time, there would be too many to interpret and it could be difficult to know where to begin.

Charm Casting Tip

Try using between 10-30 charms for a charm casting reading – which you could expand as you become more confident.

You could also separate your charms into ‘sets’ that you use for different situations and questions, for example: A kit for relationships, careers or next steps in your life.

This would keep your readings focused and easy to interpret


Trying to Interpret Every Charm in Your Cast

When you cast your charms you may want to interpret every charm that lands.

Whilst that can be fun, it can also be quite time consuming and could put you off working with the charms, seeing it as time consuming and cumbersome.

Charm Casting Tip

Focus on interpreting only the charms that attract your attention and ‘ignore’ the rest.

This may mean just reading three charms when you cast thirty. Give yourself permission to do this, if it feels the right thing to do.

Or you can read the charms as groups. The charms that fall together create a combined message, not individual messages.


Over Thinking the Meaning of Each Charm

The interpretation of your charm casting reading and the symbolism of the individual charms is very personal to the person casting the charms.

It can be easy to start over-thinking the meaning of each charm.

Intellectualising what you think each charm means or what you’ve read about a certain charm and it’s meaning.

Over-thinking disconnects you from your intuition and inner wisdom.

Charm Casting Tip

Keep it simple and trust your intuition!

You may associate a particular charm with something, but this can change.

The meaning might change just for that reading, or for considerably longer.

Trust your first thoughts and follow intuitive wisdom.

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The best ways to cast your charms in charm casting

The best ways to cast your charms in charm casting

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to use your charms?

At first glance the idea of Charm Casting may seem complex or confusing, but once you have a few goes you very quickly find your favourite ways to use them.

Here’s my top favourite ways to give you some inspiration on different ways to use your charms:


A Charm a Day

Each morning, I like to simply rustle my hand in my box of charms and draw one.

This charm is my message for the day ahead.


A Simple Charm Cast

If I have a bit more time or I want more information, I’ll cast a few charms on a blank surface.

I’ll then look for a more detailed message from the collection of charms.


Charm Casting ‘Maps’

If I have a specific question that I want insight on, I’ll use specially created charm casting maps.

Reading the charms on the map gives a more focused reading, breaking down your question in to the various areas you may overlook (or try to ignore).


Charm Casting and Cards

I love to cast charms over  oracle or tarot card spreads that I’ve done, to get deeper insight into a card reading.



I like to choose some charms, often at random, lay them out over a blank surface and meditate with  them.

I gaze softly at them and allow their message and/or story to reveal itself to me.


Journaling and Charms

Some days I pick a random charm, or choose a specific charm, and journal around the message and symbolism it has for me.

Simply asking: ‘What does this ‘witches hat’ represent to me?’


One of the reasons that I love working with the charms is that each day the meaning of a particular charm can change. As you grow and evolve the meanings of the charms grow and evolve with you.

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10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

Charm casting is a form of divination that uses small charms and trinkets, often items you have laying around the house.

You then cast these charms upon a surface to connect with your inner wisdom and tap into your  intuition.

If you haven’t tried charm casting yet, you really should!


Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should start Charm Casting today:


1. It doesn’t need any special equipment.

You can just use any random objects you find around the house.


2. Readings are truly meaningful to you.

Each charm used has it’s own unique meaning to you, so that you can get very personalised readings, as opposed to just reading a guidebook.


3. Your charm set grows with you.

There are no limits. As you and your interests change, your charm set will change to reflect this.


4. There are no rules.

Guidelines yes, but hard and fast rules no. So you can make a practice that’s as unique as you are.

5. It helps you learn to trust yourself.

The more you connect with, and use, your charms, you trust the messages they give you. You stop looking for external validation, as you know how to give it to yourself.

6. It develops your intuition.

As you learn to trust yourself more, you trust your intuition more. You trust yourself and your intuition in far more than just your readings. You trust your intuition about people, choices etc.

7. It expands your creativity.

There’s no limit on how you can use your charms. Use them on a desk, on a casting map you’ve designed, with your tarot and oracle cards… anything goes.

8. It’s easy.

You can simply draw one charm for guidance.

9. I mean it’s really easy.

You could even just get a message from a pebble or leaf on the floor.


It’s so fun to do, and even more fun when you find meaningful charms – for example I have lots of Lego mini figures I use to get messages from the characters lol

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How to Create Your Own Charm Casting Set

How to Create Your Own Charm Casting Set

Create your own charm casting set

Collecting Your Charms

One of the things that I love most about Charm Casting is that pretty much any charm, trinket or small object can be used in your Charm Casting set.

You’ll want it be be small enough and robust enough to be thrown around with the other objects in your set without damage.

And you’ll want it to be something that you can give a meaning to.

You’ll start to notice small objects and regard them differently.

Collect the things that draw your attention, or that you find curious.

Just because you collect it doesn’t mean that it has to be included in your set immediately.

You may find that something catches your attention and you’ll save it.

Then only weeks or months later, does it make sense how it wants to be used, and only then is it added to your Charm Casting set.

This is a journey of (re)learning to trust yourself.

If you find something curious, and you feel called to save it, then do so.

In time it will make sense, or it will lose its curiosity and you’ll know that it’s time to release it.


What to Use for Charm Casting Set

No doubt you already have suitable objects that could be used as you start to build your Charm Casting kit, or add to it.

You could include, but not limited to:

  • Metal jewellery charms
  • Old earrings/pieces of jewellery that you no longer need
  • A ring
  • A key
  • Buttons
  • Beads (be careful with perfectly round ones or they may just roll away!)
  • Thimble (Metal)
  • Stones
  • Tumblestone crystals or crystal chips
  • Shells
  • Pieces of wood
  • Acorns
  • Nuts/shells
  • Small pine cones
  • Seed pods
  • Dominos
  • Die
  • Coins
  • Small bones


Charms to Get You Started

To start with you want around 8-12 charms in your set.

This is likely to grow quickly, but to start with as you get familiar with Journey Casting and reading the charms, it’s easier to start with less.

As you get more confident you can add more (and more, and more and more….) charms to your set.

As you start, you may want to include small items that represent the following:

  • You
  • Your home
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Communication
  • Challenges
  • Change
  • Action
  • Stop
  • Rest/Slow down
  • New beginnings
  • The mind
  • The heart
  • Finances

This collection of charms would give you a great place to start for interpreting your readings.

Then as your experience and confidence grows, you can add more charms to get greater insight and then explore the nuances of the message coming through.

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What is Charm Casting

What is Charm Casting

Charm Casting is a form of divination that uses charms, trinkets or small objects.

The charms are cast/thrown onto a casting surface, and where and how they land is then interpreted to receive intuitive messages.

It’s often called charm casting, because of it’s use of charms as the tool of divination.

It likely orginated from Osteomancy, and using the casting of bones to answer questions.

Charm Casting focuses on you connecting with your inner wisdom to offer you insight and guidance to where you are on your magickal path.

It’s a powerful form of divination.

I believe that it’s power lies in its simplicity and the fact that there are no rules.

Ahhhh no rules!

Scary for some… but totally liberating for your connection to your inner wisdom.

It’s easy for us to be conditioned to follow the rules, we do it without even noticing.

Whilst some rules are useful.

It’s also useful to learn who you are, how you think and what you believe, away from the conditions of rules.

Having said there are no  rules… there are a few guidelines, but really you are free to do this how you please.

And as always with guidance, take what works for you, adapt or ‘throw out’ the rest.

It’s a journey of deeply connecting to your intuition.

It allows you uncover your ability to join-the-dots, to explore your stories.

Stories after all are what make us human.

When you interpret a Charm Casting reading, you’re not looking to a guidebook to give you the answers.

You’re uncovering your unique interpretation.

What you need in that very moment.


What You Need

In its simplicity, all you need are some charms/trinkets/small objects to cast.

An object to stir/shuffle them in.

A surface to ‘cast’ your charms on to.


This could be as simple as a few objects you have lying around the house, your hands to ‘shuffle’ them – like you would a dice, and a table to cast them onto.


Then it’s time to connect with your inner-wisdom and interpret the message they have for you.


Keep it simple

But of course you can make this much more elaborate, and you will do as you go along.

But always start simple.

It’s easy to add to your collection, once you have the basics, but it’s hard to move out of overwhelm, if you try to start out by making it too ‘fancy’ and complicated.

Simple is best.

Simple will mean that you are likely to continue with this fun and powerful form of divination.

Overwhelm may mean your charms are destined to become covered in dust!

Next Steps

Purchase the

Purchase your charms

Purchase the

If you want to join in the fun you can get your Charm Casting book on Amazon:

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