Welcome back to 12-days of Magickal Self-Care.

Today, on day 6,  we’re going to add some magick to your established morning routine with your bath or shower.


Adding some magick

I’m going to assume that each morning, or at least frequently you have a bath or a shower, so let’s add some magick and intention to this activity.

It’s something that you’re already doing, so you don’t have to worry about ‘adding’ anything extra to your routine, you’re just going to bring more focused awareness to this activity.


Washing away negativity

When you have your next shower, as you stand under the water imagine that it’s washing away any of the energetic debris that we explored yesterday.

Anything that’s not yours or energy that is not for your highest good is being washed away, and  then simply imagine it going down the plughole.


Activating what you want more of

Then think about what you’d like to experience more of in your day; peace, joy, love, vibrancy – what colour would you associate with that energy?

For example, you might associate green or blue with peace or red or orange with vibrancy. Now in the shower, image that the water has turned the colour you associated with what you wanted more of and allow yourself to be filled up with that colour and energy.

As you focus on what you want to experience more of, know that you attract more of that energy in, it’s like saying to the universe – ‘thank you, more please’.


Appreciating your body

Then as you wash your body in the shower, just slow down your experience as you take a moment to connect with each area of your body.

As you wash each body part thank it for all that it does for you.

As you wash your face, thank your senses for their ability to experience the world and the rich pleasure they bring you.

Thank your arms for all that they carry throughout the day and for thy can reach out for.

Thank your hands for all they give and receive and for all that they create.

Thank your legs for their strength and their ability to move you through life and your feet for being able to take a stand for what’s important to you.

Thank your belly for all it absorbs and how it nourishes you.

Thank your skin for giving you a boundary and defining your space in the world.

Really take some time to show gratitude and appreciation for your body.

Even if your body is a source of pain, thank your body for doing the best it can.


Words of affirmation

Then once out of the bath or shower, apply your favourite, oil, cream or lotion to your body, and as you do, take some time to gently feel and connect with your body.

Notice it’s curves, shape and texture.

As you feel your body, say something kind and loving to yourself.

Start to create a more caring, nourishing relationship with yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you love yourself completely or feel disconnected to your body, you can always improve your relationship.

As you touch your body you might want to say words of affirmation.

You could say ‘I love you’ or ‘I appreciate you’ – however if you don’t love or appreciate yourself, don’t feel guilty about it, instead change the affirmation to:

‘I am open to loving myself’, each day it becomes easier to love myself’.

‘I am open to appreciating myself’, ‘each day I find new things to appreciate about myself’.

By just slightly changing these affirmations, allows yourself to believe the affirmations rather than reject them.

Saying ‘I love myself’ when you don’t just affirms that you don’t actually love yourself, so focus on adding the changes about being open to loving yourself.


Next-level affirmations (that actually work)

Then one final part to this affirmation.

‘I am open to loving myself… and today I show this to myself by…’

Then insert something small that you will actually do to love yourself.

It could be:

Drink some water

Move or stretch your body

Book the Dr’s appointment you’ve been putting off

So as you’re touching your body and nourishing it with your favourite oil, lotion or cream you’re saying to yourself; ‘I am open to loving myself and today I show myself love by drinking more water.’

‘Each day I love myself more, and today I show myself love by dancing to my favourite songs.’

‘I appreciate my body more and more and today I show myself appreciation by going to bed early.’

Now, you’re not only changing your inner self-talk and affirming more love and compassion for yourself, you’re also proving it to yourself.

When you can prove your affirmations to yourself, by saying you’ll drink more water or go to bed early and you do drink more water and you do go to bed earlier – you start to believe yourself more.

Then you really start to believe that you do love and appreciate yourself and your relationship with yourself becomes stronger and deeper.

It becomes easier to get clear on your wants and needs and it becomes easier for you to prioritise yourself and your self-care.


Don’t forget to come and let us know how you found the practice over in our community.

And I’ll see you after Christmas for the next 6-days of our 12-days of magickal self-care. Have a fabulous holiday season!


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