Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

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In today’s episode of the Pinch of Magick podcast I answer the question I was asked:
How do I figure out what I want in life?

This is a great question and one that we feel we should easily be able to answer, but is it that easy?

Judgements, expectations, ‘should’s’, life and it’s up and downs, can all keep our true desires ‘hidden’ from us.

In this episode we explore:

  • Why it might not be as easy to identify what it is you want.
  • Why what you think you want might not actually be true
  • How to start to uncover what you really do want
Come and share with us what you really do desire and was it easy for you to know?

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Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

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Hello, and welcome to the A Pinch of Magick podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

So today I’ve got a Ask Me Anything answer to a question that has been posed to me.

When people come and join my free community, which actually I want to remind you about in a minute, there’s a question says, If you could ask Rebecca anything, what would you ask her?

And I was reading through all the questions today, because there’s quite a few. And this is a question that jumped up at me because it’s something that I feel very strongly about, and it’s one that a lot of people have.

So just to remind you, in that free community at the moment, which is why we’ve had an influx of people, so I’ve been going through all the questions is, we are still, in our Magickal Summer School.

It’s free.

It’s six weeks of classes about helping you to own your magick.

We’ve had four classes already, so you are more than welcome to come and join us and watch the replays, all the replays are there, the classes are about an hour ish long.

There’s lots of really great content, and fabulous conversations going on around these topics.

Week one was all about what is magic, we were looking at, like where to begin, what do you do? How do you fit it in with your life tools, ethics and intentions.

The second week, one of my favorite topics, and there’s lots of my podcasts on this already, and that is energetic health and hygiene, why that’s important, when you know if your energy needs a little bit extra how to protect that energy and how to be very intentional with your energy. And we looked at like protection and shielding.

Week three, we looked at spells very much our relationship with the tools that we use the herbs, the colors, all of the correspondences that we use, we looked at like how to create a spell effectively.

And then last week, we looked at Sacred rhythms, we were looking at the moon energy, we were looking at the solar energy with the sabbats, we were looking at days of the week, we even had the most fun homework, where somebody actually posted in the group they went out for to their favorite Italian restaurant to have the most delicious pasta with with our partner. And she said this was the most fun homework ever. So if you’re curious about how going out for dinner is homework, you’ll want to come and listen to week four.

This week on Thursday, we’re looking at living your magick, daily practices, how to fit magick i, even if you feel too busy. How to fit magick in if you have children, puppies, life, careers, all of it, how to really weave magic into everyday life.

And in our final week, week six, we’re going to be looking at ritual and any final questions and answers people have for me.

So if any of that sounds like juicy content, click in the shownotes community to join us. If you’re not already part of the community,it will ask you to register, and all of the replays, are all there waiting for you to enjoy.

So back to the question that caught my attention today, somebody asks:

“I know that magic is about setting intentions, I feel very blessed and grateful for what I have in my life and my family. I struggle with knowing what I want. Many of the ideas for spells are about caring that you have for other people to make their lives easier. Will that still work? Alternatively? How do I figure out what I want?”

Now when I first started practicing kinesiology, an energy therapy, 23 years ago, most of the people coming to see me were coming to see me because they had conditions like IBS, and eczema.

And the reason they were coming to see me was because they wanted me to test for an allergy for them, they wanted me to tell them: Oh, you’re allergic to wheat, you’re allergic to tomatoes, cut those out and your IBS will clear up or your skin or clear up.

And you know, sometimes that would help.

But most of the time, like high 90 %, most of the time it’s because these women were living the life they thought they should live. They had, the family, the house, they had the cars, the careers, the holidays. And yet something wasn’t aligned for them.

They knew there was something else they wanted, but they didn’t have the language for it. They had never taken the time to say to themselves, actually, what is that I want from life.

And so because they didn’t know how to scream out, ‘help my life’s off track’, their body did it for them.

And so, when I start talking to these women about what is this really about? What about your dreams and desires? They would quite often say ‘Oh, I don’t know’. Or they would say that they I just wanted their family to be healthy. I want my children to do well. I want you know my parents to be x, y and z.

It was always about other people. It was never about themselves. And quite often when they suddenly realised this, they got really angry that they had, you know, put their life on hold. That they had lost a part of themselves and that they didn’t really know what they wanted anymore.

This really came home to me about, I think it was about six or seven years ago, after I had run summer school (different than it’s been this year). But the first time I’d run it about six or seven years ago, and people loved it so much that we went on to do a deeper dive into archetypes. We explored the Mother, Maiden, SHEro and Crone archetypes.

As we started looking at the archetypes, when we explored the Maiden, the ‘good girl energy’ came up, and it brought up so much rage, because people hadn’t realized how much they had been conditioned to be a ‘good girl’, to be a good person to be a good daughter, to be a good mom, to be a good employee, to be a good wife, to be a good… all of these things, that they had forgotten how to be a good themselves.

It’s like they’re we’re so busy and exhausted, being good at everything else, they had lost touch with who they were.

And when we look at society, it’s very much in particular women. And I always say this, I’m sure men get this as well. But I work mainly with women. So this is the lens I see it through. It’s like women have been conditioned to prioritize other people over themselves.

Now, of course, we can break through free from that conditioning. Absolutely. But still, I see women who are very much the carers and the nurturers. They might not have wanted that position. But that’s the position they found themselves in.

And then they get to a point in their life where they’re almost afraid to even allow themselves to dream. Because that’s when this anger comes up of all of those lost dreams, wasted opportunities, wasted years. And of course, they’re not wasted at all. But it can have that sense of oh my goodness, I’ve where has my life gone, you know, the children are leaving home, or careers are changing, or relationships are changing. And you’re just like, what, what’s just happened?

But when life changes, and suddenly you have that crossroads, and you’re like, ‘Oh, hang on a minute, is this still what I want?’ and you start becoming aware of those things you do want, the next thing that comes up is fear of rejection.

Because quite often we go into situations, whether it’s meeting people, going into work, and subconsciously, we have this pattern playing out saying:

‘Who do I need to be to be accepted in this community?’

‘Who do I need to be to be loved in this environment’

And so we can take on a role. Now, don’t confuse, sometimes it’s good to take on a role. Sometimes it’s maybe good to pretend to be a little bit more confident, or maybe part of your personality comes out at work and a different part of your personality comes out at home. That’s okay. But it’s when you completely lose your sense of identity.

And I know this because I did this. I thought it was a superpower. I thought when I was younger, I was like, oh my goodness, I can just fit into any community. And I can be in that community. And it’s a gift to be able to connect with all of those people. But I was losing a sense of myself.

It wasn’t as though I was like, Rebecca, just showing a different part of my personality. It’s like I could really merge into those communities. And I didn’t realize at the time, but that was very much because I can feel those things.

And anyone that maybe resonates as an empath or HSP, a highly sensitive person, perhaps you notice yourself being a chameleon in all of those areas. And it’s very easy to lose that sense of self.

And then of course, when you start to remember who you are, you can still be in all of those communities, but you show up as yourself. But perhaps you had always been the generous one, or the one that would always make the cake, or offer to drive someone, or offer to arrange the gathering, or whatever it may be.

And suddenly you’re like, actually, I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ve got other things I want to do with my time. Then what comes up is fear of rejection; ‘what if they don’t love me anymore, if I stopped doing that thing that I think they loved me for?

Because maybe they’re not loving you, for you. Perhaps you don’t know who you are. Perhaps you’ve never showed them who they are.

And then there’s that fear of, oh, if I start saying ‘no,’ how will they respond?

And then on top of that, there’s an identity piece. If you have always been the nurturer, the carer, the problem solver ,the rescuer, the cake baker, the taxi, the organizer… and suddenly you’re like, ‘you know what, maybe that’s not who I want to be anymore’, then we have a change your identity.

And it doesn’t sound like much like, ‘Yeah, but I don’t want to be the taxi driver anymore Rebecca’, or whatever it is. But if we, if we lose that sense of identity, it really is like, ‘Oh, who am I now?’

And I was just talking to someone, about a process I call ‘caterpillar soup’. Because like when you start to go, ‘oh, this is not how I want to show up in the world.’ We’re no longer the caterpillar, but we’re not quite the butterfly. So we have to go through this mushy space in the middle, where it feels like everything’s crumbling everything that we know.

And that’s that kind of loss of identity. And in that comes grief, grief for what could have been, grief for what won’t come into fruition anymore, once you change those identities.

And so that’s another part of the process as well.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, you then have to go, ‘Oh, if I’m going to be true to myself’, which as we know, for you to create incredible magick in your life and to have spellcraft that works, you do need to be aligned, you do need to be true, you do need to be full of your energy and not other people’s judgments and expectations.

Once you do that, and you’re honest with yourself, we can’t escape honesty. Why we are busy doing all of the things, for all of the people, it’s very easy not to have honest conversations with yourself. And say ‘Oh, yeah, everything’s fine. It’s lovely’.

It’s lovely. Until one day, it’s not.

And then you’re like, holy broomsticks. How did I get here?

But once you make that decision, like, ‘oh, actually, who am I? What is it that I do want in the world?’ Once you start to have those conversations with yourself, you get the honest answers. Maybe not immediately, because there might be a few layers to crack through. But once you do, it’s like you then realize you have to have tough conversations, and perhaps there are tough choices to make.

Is that things are working out for you, or does it need to change?

Is that relationship still supportive of you?

Is that hobby, is that friendship, still one that feels aligned with you? Or Are there conversations that need to be had and boundaries to reassert?

What will you need to do differently from now on as you move forward?

And so, if your life is as this lady says, ‘I feel very blessed, I feel very blessed in my life right now’. It’s really hard to decide that you want to change that because if life is good, if life is great.

If life is just okay, it’s really hard to change that, because we know change is going to bring discomfort. And if things are okay, sometimes, okay, is better than the discomfort that we know comes with change.

I was talking to someone the other day, and they have this incredible dream, this incredible vision. And it’s gonna come with some judgment for this person. But their life is so good right now, so that this soul calling they have, they’re not taking action on it because their life is already so good.

And it’s really hard for them to go ‘but why would I want to rock the boat if my life is already really good?’ And yet, there’s this longing for this to create this thing.

And whilst she’s saying ‘I really want that’, but not doing that, there’s always going to be this longing for her.

And so when you think, ‘oh, yeah, you know, I know what I want to do’. It’s like, are you settling? No, I’m not saying you have to uproot everything in your life. But just quite often when people are like, ‘oh, yeah, I have this like dream’, but you’re not taking action towards it. It’s probably because life is really good. And it’s like, ‘Do you know what, good is good is really good’.

And we look at the things going on in the world, you’re like, ‘Oh, my goodness, I am really grateful for good’. It’s like, why would I rock the boat?

And so we have all of these different thoughts and feelings and subconscious patterns playing out that stop us really connecting with what you want.

And maybe you have done this in your life? Maybe you’ve settled in the past. Maybe you’re like, actually, I don’t know what I want.

So I want you to take a moment and just ask yourself, what do you want from life right now?

What are those dreams, those desires, those, those visions you have for yourself, or are you like ‘you know what life is good’?

And absolutely, good is fantastic. And maybe good is where you want to be.

And so, as this lady asked, How do I figure out what I want?

You know, she’s talked about doing her spell work for other people, everything she’s always wanted is for other people. And that’s probably a whole other conversation.

What I will actually just say about it right now though is when we’re doing work for other people, we want to ask their permission first.

If we can’t ask their permission, we offer the energy. This is the way I do it, I offer the energy to them, I don’t try and control the actions, they are still sovereign beings. So I might offer the energy to that person, and then just see it floating around their head, and if they want it, they can draw it down. If they don’t, it will just dissolve for the highest good of all involved.

So there is there like an integrity and ethics piece around doing work to other people. I mean, if they’ve asked you for it, that’s very different.

But anyway, that’s another conversation right now.

But when you think about what it is you want from the life, what are your dreams? What are your visions, I would just start by saying, follow your curiosity.

Look back over your life. And think about the most meaningful times in your life. When have you most felt like you, what was happening?

And a fun way to do this is to take your age, and divide it into four. So you’re looking at four areas of your life and think about what were the most meaningful things that happened in that quarter.

So my age is quite easy. I’m 44. So I could look at birth to 11 and ask myself: what are my significant memories from like, noughts to 11?

And then I could go from 12 to 22. And then from 23, to 33. And then from 33, to now to 44. And just think what are the significant things that have happened, when I’ve I most felt like myself, what do I look most forward to in my life.

And another thing that’s quite fun to do, is just think, if I was getting out of bed every day, well, hopefully you do get out of bed everyday. But when you were having your day, what would be the feelings or the values that you would want front and center of your life?

So that when you went to bed that night, you’re like, ‘Ah, that was a really good day’, and you genuinely feel fulfilled. Feeling like you’ve lived your purpose. Like you just feel that was a really good day.

Maybe it’s about connection, fun, joy, love. Maybe it’s about being in nature, maybe it’s about nourishing yourself, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Often when I ask people that question, they’ll say things like, oh, it’s love. And that may be true. But sometimes people pick love, because it seems like a ‘good’ value to have.

But is it yours?

Maybe yours is adventure. Maybe yours is abundance? And you’re like, ‘oh, but that seems a bit selfish’. Is it? Is it really?

And so when we have those judgments, just observe them? And just go ‘Oh, yeah, but if I could do anything in the world right now, what would it be?’

When you were a child? What was that job you wanted?

Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut. And maybe that won’t be possible for you today. But it’s that idea of adventure that would have been important to you, crossing final frontiers, going to places where people haven’t gone before.

So how can you incorporate more of that into your life?

As I’ve often shared, when I was younger, I was looking for my purpose, like it was a job title. And I think sometimes there can be so much pressure to figure out what you want right now that it has to be a destination, it has to be a thing.

When I was looking for my purpose, it’s like I want a job title. But maybe that’s not how it’s going to show up. Maybe what you want in life is more joy, more love, more learning, more expansion, more, travel, more adventure.

Start thinking about what makes your energy expand and pull you forward.

And so this is also quite a fun thing to do, you can just think about it, you know, think about having more joy in your life. And so just feel into your body. And just think, how would it feel to have more joy in your life?

Maybe your energy pulls you forward slightly, and it feels expansive? And you’re like, ‘Oh, yes, that feels really good’. It doesn’t have to be a jazz hands good. It could just be like a deep inner knowing where you’re just like, ‘Yes, that’s good’.

Or maybe your body just stays neutral.

When it’s like, ‘Yeah, neither here nor there’. Perhaps it just nudges you backwards. If it’s nudging you backwards. That generally means ‘no’. If your energy is contracting, it’s a no.

If it’s neutral, I think you can do better.

If it’s pulling you forward, particularly from your heart, or your energetic womb space, it’s like, ‘oh, explore more of that’.

Pick some values. Go on to Google and just Google v’alue list’. And you can just start working down the values list like, well, what would be a good one for me to have?

Because once you start giving yourself permission to dream, you will find the answer.

As you ask that question, ‘what do I want from life?’ you will start to receive that answer.

Now, you might want to ignore the answer you get for all of the reasons we’ve said. Because when we do know, it does demand that we create change. And, you know, maybe we don’t want to make the change that is going to be required of us.

But you at least owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. So that’s one way of doing it.

Another way is to journal Now this does require that you use a pen and paper or digital notepad.

At the top with your dominant hand, the hand you would usually write with, just write: ‘what do I want from life?’

Okay, now, first of all, write that, and then just journal and see what comes up. You might want to start by saying; ‘I don’t know what I want from life Rebecca, that’s why I asked you…’

And then once you’ve started writing, you might be surprised by what comes up.

However, if that doesn’t work, and you’re just like; ‘nope, blocked, Rebecca, I can’t think of anything…’, then, with your non dominant hand, start writing. Because this is a great way to connect with like the truth of a situation for you.

Your brain is so busy trying to hold the pen. So busy trying to work out how to write a letter, that your the truth starts coming out.

So that’s a really interesting way to do it as well.

And, of course, a more magickal way… well, actually, they are very much magickal… but you could use divination. You could draw your favourite oracle cards, and just ask ‘what do I want more of in my life?’ And the cards will give you an answer.

Now, here’s the thing. It’s not about taking the card at face value. It’s about drawing that card, and you might want to reference the guidebook to see if any words jumped out at you. And as you read the description, if any words do feel stronger, write them down.

But equally, write down something you don’t like. If you’re like, ‘oh, I don’t want to do that. That’s not what I want at all’. Brilliant. Because knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what is what you do want.

So you can draw that card, and maybe it will say something like travel. And you’re like, ‘oh, no, I don’t want to travel. That’s awful. I can’t be doing with that’. And brilliant. Okay, so you know that what you want to do more of is probably a little bit closer to home. Or maybe it’s about like having community or stability.

Or you might look at that travel card and go, ‘Oh my God, yes. Oh, that’s exactly what I wanted’. And so now you can blame the card lol… You’re like, ‘oh, yeah, the cards told me’. But now you know that adventure, that growth, that broadening your horizons is important to you.

It doesn’t mean you have to travel, although of course you can do, but it’s just giving you a nudge in the right direction.

So, as always, with the journaling, with the asking yourself the questions, with the oracle cards, take a moment just to ground yourself to become present.

Then you might want to light a candle, you could light a candle for white for clarity. You could use yellow for clear communication. And you know, just think about what is it that you want to achieve, ‘what is it I want in life?’, you could use purple for like purpose.

Whatever colour resonates for you, or white is a very good go to candle. Light that candle. Close your eyes, put your hand over your heart space, feel your feet flat on the floor, just take a moment to ground and centre your energy.

Closing your eyes just to cut out distractions, hand on your heart just to connect with your body. And just ask for guidance to be able to connect with what it is that you want in the world.

If you’ve lost your dream, your vision, you’ve got lost along the way, just ask that question and then do the journaling. Then draw your tarot cards, your runes, your charms, whatever it is that you’re working with. And just allow your mind to wander.

If everything was taken care of in your life, if you didn’t have to worry about anything, what would you spend your time doing?

If time, money, energy wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing?

You might come up with a really big dream that feels really way out of reach. But that’s great. Visualize it, imagine it, think it, whatever works for you. And then think; ‘how can I bring a bit of that to my life now?’

And it might seem like how? You might have this vision of an incredible holiday and, you know, massages every day and cocktails in hammocks, or living in a completely different place, or having a completely different job.

Ask yourself, ‘what would that really give you?’

So I’m not saying don’t have that dream. But what is the fundamental ways that you would be feeling the values that would be front and center of your life, the emotions that you would be feeling?

What needs would be getting met?

And then ask yourself; ‘how can you do that in daily life?’

Now, it might not look like the big lavish holiday, it might not look like the grand mansion, it might not look like that job that you have, that you dream of, but what can you do to connect you with that energy?

Today, there will be something, it might just be to look at a picture of a beautiful landscape, of if you want cocktails by the sea it might be to go to your favourite bar and have that cocktail.

It could be to listen to beach sounds. There will be something you can do that will give you that energy.

Maybe it’s about the idea of being carefree. Maybe it’s the idea of adventure, or travel or growth? Or maybe it’s that idea of being nourished or nurtured. Maybe it’s the idea of feeling safe.

Think about how can you bring that energy into your life right now today? And then follow the curiosity?

So you’ve got that dream, maybe that dream changes over time, over days, or weeks or even months? And just keep thinking: ‘If nothing was an issue in your life right now, what would you do, be, and have?’

And then bring it back to today, and think about how you can you give yourself that now.

And as you keep dreaming into that bigger vision, it just gives us clues into how you want to be living your life, how you can be showing up right now.

And you start to connect with what it is that you want.

Because first of all, when I ask people what they want, it is usually always about other people.

Then I say ‘no, what is it you actually want for yo? If you’re allowing yourself to be completely self-focused for a moment. And just for a moment, what would you allow yourself to dream into?

So I would love for you to come over into our community. Obviously, come and join Summer School if you want to.

But just to share? What is the your dream right now?

What are those values and those feelings you want front and centre of your life?

And how can you give them so how can you give them to yourself now, as you move towards what it is you want for yourself.

And knowing that that will change.

When you are maybe at college or university or just starting work, your dreams and desires may be very different from when you have several young children, or as your children grow older, or when children leave home or whether you don’t have children.

As life changes, you change and your dreams and desires can change too.

So even if you haven’t ever thought about your own dreams and desires until now it’s like; what would I want right now?

What would be really like fun, nourishing, joyful, expansive.

What would make you feel more like yourself?

How could you express yourself fully?

It might look like learning a new skill.

It could look like changing relationship.

These are big questions. And it doesn’t surprise me that people can sometimes avoid them.

And it’s worth remembering that we can have a dream, only to find out it’s not actually ours. It’s something we have internalised because our family, our culture, our society wanted us to have it.

And so you think it’s yours because you hear it in ‘your voice’, so to speak, and then you discover ‘Oh my God, this isn’t even mine!’

So that’s another very good question to ask yourself when you say, ‘Yeah, I know what my dream is Rebecca’. Just ask yourself, ‘Is it yours?’

And hopefully 100% It is.

Or you might say, ‘Oh, do you know what, it nearly is, but there’s something missing?’

If this is the case, give yourself permission to get really clear on what it is you want from life. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a thing. A lot of people have vision boards with ‘things’ on the vision board. And that’s fantastic. But actually, maybe it’s a feeling you want more of in your life, maybe it’s a value that you want front and centre.

There is no wrong answer for you.

The right answer is your truth.

And you might try something on and go, ‘Yeah, I thought I wanted that. But I don’t anymore’. And that’s okay.

It’s okay to change your mind.

You’re human, it’s what we do. It’s what life does to us.

Our experiences change, we change and then maybe our desires change, too. And that’s okay, too.

So, come into our community, and let us know what it is you want from life.

Because I always love it when people share their dream, the things that they want or their intentions. I just imagine us all Care Bear staring… such a child of the 80s and 90s… and Care Bear staring your your dreams and your visions into life.

And if you’re still not sure what it is that you want, come and ask questions about it in our community, and we’ll nudge you in the right direction and get you answering the right questions to help you connect with that, and maybe identify some of the patterns or the fears that are holding you back. And there’s lots of magick we can do for that.

So I hope to see you in our community and come and share your biggest dreams and desires.

I’ll speak to you again soon.

Episode 67: Shine Brighter (Even if it makes other people uncomfortable)

Episode 67: Shine Brighter (Even if it makes other people uncomfortable)

Listen to the show:

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On today’s episode of the Pinch of Magick podcast the heatwave here in the UK inspired me to remind you to be like the sun and shine brightly!

Shine even if other people are blinded and uncomfortable by your brilliance (just remind them to wear their sunglasses around you! 😉 )


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The Latest Episodes

Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

Episode 68: AMA: How do I know what “I” want in life?

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Episode 65: The difference between magick and witchcraft

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Hello, and welcome to the Pinch Magick Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

So please indulge me for a moment in my Britishness. Let me just talk about the weather, but I promise it does have relevance.

So right now, in the UK, we are in the middle of a heat wave. I think that’s the only way to describe it.

I don’t like heat.

If you’ve ever seen how I look, I’m very, very pale. I have quite red hair. I used to before it started going silver and I have freckles.

And to be quite honest, if it wasn’t for my freckles, I would be very… I always used to joke actually that I’d be Scottish or be very blue.

But actually, when I’ve had my ancestry done, I am more Scottish than I am English, but anyway, that’s besides the point… you now have a little bit of insight into my life there.

So anyway, I don’t do heat very well.

I grew up in Cornwall and I lived in a seaside town and my friends could sunbathe all day in the hot weather.

 I could sunbathe for about maybe two minutes and then I’d get hot and bothered.

 I’m just not designed for heat.

 I was thinking about the podcast today and I love an analogy and I’ve shared it on the podcast before, but I’m devoting a whole podcast episode, for it today, which is to ‘shine brightly’.

 I had this thought yesterday before, like the peak of the sun hit and I was like, ‘oh, I’m going to talk about ‘shine brightly’, even if it makes other people uncomfortable’.

 Then one of the clients that I saw today, one of my one-to-one clients today, she said, “Oh Rebecca, I still remember what you told me back in December, and it was to shine brightly.”

 And I was like, “Yes, we definitely need a reminder.”

 So it’s very, very easy in life to dim your light, to be concerned about what others may think, to prioritise the comfort of other people over your own.

Particularly, I see this in women who come to work with me, who are mothers, who have rightly so, when your childhood, I often say this to my little boy. “When you were first born, you couldn’t do anything. You couldn’t even roll over.” So when our children are little, absolutely they need our time, energy and attention.

And then life happens, and they grow up and they still have our time, attention, and energy, and planning, and play dates, and school and after-school clubs.

Then maybe there are ageing parents and there are friendships and there are romances and, and, and…

We do all of these things, and we have all of these relationships to manage and all of these responsibilities to be responsible for, that sometimes, often along the way, in fact, you don’t have to have the children.

It’s like, we all have those responsibilities, whether it’s at work, like I say, in romances, with your own parents, with your siblings.

There’ll be something around you that is asking for your attention and it’s very easy to lose our sense of self.

Not always, but we lose part of ourselves.

And then when we have time, energy and resources, we start thinking, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to do this?”

And we might want to start to change. But when we change, that makes other people around us feel very uncomfortable because maybe they don’t want you to change because they like you the way they are.

They like their life the way that it is.

And they don’t want to have that change forced upon them’. Perhaps you changing or starting to change something in your life, reminds them that they too could also change. And maybe they don’t want to change.

Maybe they can’t change and then they feel maybe jealous or resentful about it.

I remember once, it was a long, long time ago. My goodness, it must be like 20 years ago actually, and it was very hot. I was in a pub with someone and they said, “What do you want to drink?”

And I said, “Can I just get water? Because it was really, really hot and I wasn’t drinking alcohol at the time. They just said to me, it was my friend’s brother. They went, “You make me feel like an alcoholic.”

And I was like, “Oh my gosh, I only asked for a drink of water.” And I was like, “Gosh, who has the problem there?”

I had just innocently asked for a drink of water because it was very, very hot where I was. They suddenly accused me of making them feel like an alcoholic because we were in a pub and I was drinking water.

It wasn’t until afterward I was like, “Ah, I think there’s a bit of an issue there.”

And spending more time with them, it became a little bit more obvious that perhaps the issue was with them.

But me choosing to drink water in a pub, they were running the story that if you were in a pub, you had to have an alcoholic drink, you couldn’t possibly ask for a drink of water. So I made them feel uncomfortable.

Of course, I still drank my water. I was thirsty and it was hot.

Sometimes our choices reflect to other people what’s going on in their life and sometimes they just don’t want us to change.

And sometimes social conditioning tells us that, I love this actually, I collected a load of phrases once, I wish I could remember all of them.

In the UK we have, ‘Don’t get too big for your boots.

In Ireland, it’s like ‘Don’t get above your station’.

In America, it’s ‘Don’t get too big for your britches’.

In Australia and New Zealand, it’s ‘Tall poppy syndrome’.

In France, it’s something about swollen ankles.

There are so many cool phrases like this. I say, cool, interesting phrases like this, all designed to keep people in their place.

Now in days gone by that would’ve kept you safe. It would’ve kept you in community.

In times where being in a community meant the matter of life or death. And so those stories have stayed with us and it’s turned from survival into control and people still play out these patterns.

Quite often when you join a group, a work group, family and friends, subconsciously often the question is “Who do I need to be, to be loved in this situation?” “Or, who do I need to be, to be accepted in this situation?”

And so the idea of becoming full of ourselves, as I love to say, makes people feel really uncomfortable because being full and confident…

If we haven’t been full or confident in our life, we are concerned that we’re coming across as conceited or selfish in an unhealthy way.

And so what this has to do with the weather is that I believe that everybody has the same soul path in the world.

It may get expressed in very different ways, but everyone’s soul path is to live the most fully expressed version of themselves.

Now I know for me and for many other people when you get this idea of soul path, people often, (I know I certainly did) they go looking for a soul path, but what they’re actually doing is looking for a job description.

And I remember when I first came across the term ‘Priestess’, I was like, ‘oh my goodness. That’s exactly what I’m here to do’.

And of course, it wasn’t, it was just one path of how I expressed myself, but we can look for it like a job title.

When I suddenly realised I was like, “Oh, but what if we’re just here to be our fully expression version of ourselves?” Everything suddenly came together.

And I think about this with the sunshine.

As I said at the beginning, I’m not a huge fan of the sunshine. I love looking at it. If I lived in an air-conditioned house with nice, cool stone floors, it would be a dream.

I could just hide from the sun all day long and just look at it out the window and just feel like a nice temperature instead of like a raging molten mess which is how I feel right now.

But the thing is, the sun is just being the sun.

It’s not doing anything wrong.

It is being its fully expressed self.

You can imagine when I was growing up in Cornwall, if I was shouting at the sun, getting a bucket of seawater and throwing it at the sun and telling it to calm down, you’re making me feel uncomfortable. ‘Turn your light down. You’re hurting me’. People would think I had gone bonkers, people would be like, “Rebecca chill, what the hell’s going on?”

So instead what I do is:

I avoid the midday heat.

I drink plenty of water.

I put on my factor 50 sun cream and I can still burn… It’s pretty impressive actually.

Sunglasses, hats whatever it is I need to do, but it’s my responsibility to make myself feel comfortable in the presence of the sun.

It is not for me to tell the sun to tone itself down.

That’s ridiculous.

And I want you to remember the same is true for you.

If somebody else feels uncomfortable by your choices, by you expressing the fullness of yourself in your most authentic, genuine way, it is not for you to make them feel comfortable.

You cannot possibly make everybody around you feel comfortable.

You will be exhausted.

What you do is you tell them to put on their sunglasses and you carry on shining.

So I want you to really receive that message that your job here (even though I said, we’re not looking for a job but we’re not) but it’s like your role on earth, I believe, and working with thousands of clients, is to show up in the most fully expressed version of yourself.

Will it make other people feel uncomfortable?


Because some people just don’t like change. They benefit from you behaving a particular way around them.

They like you behaving a particular way around them. They get scared they might lose you, whatever it is, but that’s really on them.

That’s not on you.

Of course, if that relationship is important to you, you have those conversations, you tell them the journey you’re on.

You tell them the path that you’re on.

You tell them about expressing yourself and your dreams.

And if they are true friends, they will celebrate that with you. They won’t try and hold that back…

Oh my goodness. What time is it? It’s like nine o’clock at night and it’s still like high twenties over here, which, you know, I know is very, very common for many of my friends in Australia and other countries, but it is just not that common for us…

It’s like I could get annoyed at the sun, but it’s for me to try different ways to keep cool, including sleeping under a damp towel. Yes. That’s how hot it has been.

But the sun is just being the sun.

I can’t be mad at it.

It’s my responsibility to look after myself, to stay inside, to drink all my water, to get my little fans going and my air conditioning unit going.

So where in your life right now are you toning down because somebody is shouting at your sunshine, shouting at your power, your magic that you are sharing in the world?

Because it’s not for you to tone that down.

Now of course, sometimes you might want to turn the volume down when it suits you, but you are not dimming your light for anyone else just because they feel uncomfortable.

Now, sometimes again, you might want to turn that volume down but do it because you have chosen to.

Do it because it’s the right thing for you to do and not because you feel blamed or shamed by somebody else.

If there’s a situation in your life where you feel like you constantly have to be turned down because you feel unsafe to shine your brightest, then I urge you to get support to help you navigate safely for yourself.

So of course, I’m not talking about putting yourself in danger in any way whatsoever. There are people and charities and all sorts of people that can help you if you have those significant concerns.

But if it’s every day, “Oh Rebecca, they’re going to judge me if I shine my lights.”

“It’s like, well, how about you shine it?” Because when you don’t, you do yourself a disservice.

When you don’t, you are disloyal to yourself.

The problem about being disloyal to yourself is that we don’t trust disloyal people.

If I said to you, ‘oh that person over there is really disloyal’. The next words out of my mouth would probably be ‘don’t trust them’.

And if you are being disloyal to yourself, you stop trusting yourself, which means you lose connection with your intuition.

So next time you want to make a decision about something, you start not trusting yourself.

You have an intuitive hit, and instead of just going, “Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do. I’m going to follow that path.”

What you do instead is go, “Oh yeah, that’s what I want to do.” And then maybe a couple of minutes, couple of days, a couple of hours later, you say, “Yeah, but do I really want to? What would they say?” Maybe, I imagined that. Perhaps that wasn’t an intuition insight”.

And so, you start to unravel that trust because you don’t trust yourself anymore.

I’ve done a whole podcast episode on power, but every time you give that power to somebody else, you dim your light that little bit more.

Every time you look for validation, that external validation from somebody else. Every time someone tells you:

“Who do you think you are, madam?

Who do you think you are to do that?

Oh my goodness. Look at you being all X, Y, and Z.”

And they try and shame you into shrinking smaller, and you do shrink smaller. You have given them your power.

When we call back all of our power, when we stand in the magnificence and the radiance of who you are, you can’t take on the judgments and expectations of other people, because you are full of your own self;

full of your own esteem,

full of your own trust,

full of your own loyalty for yourself,

full of the truth of who you are.

You get to shine in your own magnificence.

Like I say, sometimes you might want to dial it down. Just shining brightly doesn’t mean you are ‘on’ all the time, but it just means that always you are creating and connecting to that light, that brightness, that darkness within you, all of it.

The whole spectrum of self in you.

The shining bright light of radiance, which brings action.

Which lights your way forward into the darkness of the wisdom, which is your intuition and the magic, into the mysteries of the world.

You embrace all of it.

You don’t judge yourself as good or bad.

You don’t judge the light or the dark as good or bad.

You just know that those are all aspects of who you are and you just shine them all.

Sometimes vibrantly and loudly in neon pink and green colours. And sometimes, maybe more pastel and beige colours, but it’s done of your choice, not because someone else has told you that you shouldn’t do that.

So, you can thank the sunshine for today’s reminder to shine your brightest, regardless of other people celebrating you, and regardless of other people cursing you, it doesn’t matter.

Everybody will have an opinion of you and your behaviours and very little of it is actually any of your business.

So just go ahead and shine, shine, shine, and come over into our community and let me know whether you are a sun worshipper or sun hider like me.

If you do have any tips for staying cool, if you are of a warmer climate, I wouldn’t say no to those either.

Regardless, just give yourself permission to shine and notice where you hold yourself back from doing so.

So thank you for joining me and I will be back soon, hopefully feeling a little bit cooler.

Episode 65: The difference between magick and witchcraft

Episode 65: The difference between magick and witchcraft

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On today’s episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast I share my thoughts on the difference between magick and witchcraft.

How you can use them separately and what happens when you use them together with intention.

This came up during week 1 of the free Magickal Summer School – you can check out the replay here.

The first class was all about the fundamentals of magick and the question came up about diving deeper into the difference between magick and witchcraft, so I thought I’d record an episode on it.

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Episode 65: The difference between magick and witchcraft

Episode 65: The difference between magick and witchcraft

Listen to the show:Subscribe to the show in your favourite podcast player On today's episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast I share my thoughts on the difference between magick and witchcraft. How you can use them separately and what happens when you use them...


Hello, and welcome to the Pinch of Magick Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

So, this question came up in Magickal Summer School.

So, we started Magickal Summer School, which is 6 weeks of magick, it’s free to join.

We’ve only had our first class, our second class is on Tuesday.

And this week, we had a look at the foundations of magick.

On Tuesday, we’re looking at energetic health. And as you know, if you listen to this podcast, it’s one of my favourite topics. So, if you want to join us, links in the show notes, come and join our community, everything is held in our community. We will be talking all things energetic health, if you have questions, if you want to join me live, if you want to submit your questions, if you want to know what you can do to keep your energy running free, if you’ve had wonky energy, all of your questions are welcome.

However, back to this week.

So, we were looking at the foundations of magick. And one of the things we were talking about was the difference between magick and witchcraft.

And after the event someone posted on the replay, and they asked me to go into more detail. So, I thought, oh, let’s do a podcast, because if they have a question, no doubt other people have a similar question too.

So, I want to start by saying, this is my experience and my belief, obviously, because it’s my podcast, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

This is how I experience it currently, and just as with everything else in my podcasts, it doesn’t mean to say in 5, or 10 years’ time, I might change my mind. But this is about starting a conversation.

So, I’m going to share my thoughts on the difference between magick and witchcraft, if there is one.

And if you want to share your experience, whether you agree, whether you disagree, whether you resonate with parts of it, but not all of it, come and join the conversation over in our community.

Like I say, this is not me saying, this is gospel, this is the only truth, not at all, but this is my experience. And hopefully something that I say, something that I share, will allow you to deepen into your own understanding.

Even if it’s like going, ‘I don’t agree with you Rebecca, what I think is this…’, because throughout life, sometimes it’s really good to have something validated, and be like, ‘oh, that’s what I felt but I didn’t have the words for it’, or for someone to go, ‘oh yeah, that’s what I think, oh, thank goodness, someone else thinks the same that I do’.

But equally sometimes when we don’t agree with something that is equally as important because it helps us find out what we really do believe.

So, magick and witchcraft, to me, magick and witchcraft are separate things.

However, we use magick in witchcraft, but to own your magick every day, you do not have to do witchcraft.

Now, in our first lesson, I kept calling it an episode, I’m so used to doing podcasts…, when I was teaching the class, I was like, ‘oh, in this episode’, I was like, ‘no, no, in this class’…. I talked about witches, I talked about whether it was important to claim our titles. And so, if you want to listen to that replay, just come over into our community, the replay is there, fairly easy to find, if not tag me and I will point you in the right direction.

What I think about magick, magick, I believe is inherent in everyone.

It is in you; you are the magick.

People often think that we need the tools. I always say this, but as I look around my office, there’s I think I counted 13 cauldrons on my window. So, an altar just in front of me, no doubt, there’s some behind me too. And crystals and candles and herbs and all of that good stuff.

We can use that for magick, to connect with our magick, but it is not the magick.

You are the magick.

You bring the magick to everything that you do.

You already have it. It is inherent.

It is that energy you hold within you. It is that energy that weaves around the world around us. It’s how you interact with the world. It’s your unique essence, and I think the word ‘unique’ is the important part.

It might look different to other people, so you might not actually notice that it’s your magick.

But if you ever meet someone who just has that something about them, you know, they might call it like the ‘X Factor’ or they have a presence or an aura or there’s something magnetic about them, that’s that person fully embodying their truth.

And when we embody our truth, when we hold our power, when we have that confidence, that’s our magick.

Now it doesn’t mean we have to be 100% confident all of the time, but it’s, we have to be comfortable in our own skin so to speak.

That is the magick.

The magick is that ability to create change, using that energy within you, and understanding how it weaves with the world around us.

That’s the magick.

It shows up as mindset and being able to reframe something, from being able to notice when old patterns show up, and we can go ‘oh nope, stop, let’s not go down that path’, ‘how can I look at this differently?’

It shows up in synchronicities; ‘oh, my goodness! I was just thinking about that person’.

It shows up as air quotes “coincidences”.

Today, I decided with the new puppy, he had his vaccinations and he could go outside of our own garden yesterday for the first time. And so, we went for a particular walk. And then today, I was like, ‘oh, let’s go for a walk’. Like literally just across from where I live, there’s a footpath that I have never been down, I’ve been down all the other footpaths, never this one footpath.

And I was like, ‘oh, let’s take the puppy down that footpath and see where we end up’.

I’ve been wandering around my area, my garden, looking for plantain leaves, ripe plantain to make a salve out of. And I’ve seen some little plantain leaves, not a huge amount.

This one though, this footpath, which clearly is not very used because where I live, it’s not overly populated, had huge plantain leaves, huge. And I think I might have even described them as juicy. And I was like, ‘oh my God, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for when I go to make my bump balm’, like a salve. Because plantain is really good for stings and cuts and grazes and things like that. And I’ve been looking for it. And now I found like the perfect place, and it was the whole floor of this whole footpath, you could barely see the grass for the plantain. Things like that. That is the magick.

I was awake very early the other morning. And I was chatting to a friend in New York, because the time difference kind of worked out that she was just coming home from a night out, I was still awake in the morning. And it was about four o’clock in the morning. And the birdsong was phenomenal.

I mentioned this to my friend and she asked; ‘what’s birdsong?’

I said ‘the dawn chorus when the birds wake up this kind of time of year May, June, July time, at four o’clock in the morning’.

It’s so noisy, I mean, it’s absolutely spectacular and beautiful. And she hadn’t heard it. And so, I just recorded it, I opened the window and recorded it. She described it as her place of Zen.

Things like that, that’s the magick, the sunset, the dew glistening on the grass. It’s like the way that you notice the world, the way that you choose to interact with the world.

It is that energy of noticing.

The magick then becomes even more accessible because you have that magick in you anyway.

But when you start to notice it at play, just with anything, what you put your attention on, you have more of, you start to notice.

I could have just walked along the field or the footpath and not noticed the plantain that was on the floor. But I want the magick in my life, I notice these things.

All day long, I’ve heard this red kite like, coring, what do they do? Crying? Squawking? I don’t know what they do. But it’s just being tapped into your environment noticing. Noticing the tree roots cracking the pavement in the city or the grass, or that flower growing halfway up a building, and noticing the magick.

Just noticing the things that maybe we pass by, the things that remind us of our own inner power, of our own resilience, of our own beauty, of the variety of life, the richness of life.

And then that magick, with that magick, we can direct it.

We can say to ourselves, ‘what is it I want to create?’

And we can direct our time, our energy and our resources for that purpose.

And so, we can do that with discipline.

We can show up even when we don’t feel like it.

We want to write a book, we show up to write even when we don’t feel like it.

We want to train to run a certain distance, we show up even when we don’t feel like it.

We keep showing up. We sit with the discomfort, we learn, we grow, we expand, we recognize where we can improve our lives.

All of that, to me is the magick, and it starts with that inherent magick within us.

We all have that, that special thing, that thing that makes us unique, that thing that wants to express ourselves as our soul purpose. To me, that’s the magick.

The ability to create change.

The ability to live with integrity with your own values.

When you can do that, when you’re clear on your values, when you’re clear on the feelings, when you’re clear on how you want to show up, when you’re clear of the kind of relationships you want to have in your life.

All of that is in alignment with your unique blend of magick.

So then, if we look at witchcraft, absolutely, we can take that magick and we can use that in witchcraft. And we will have the most potent magick/witchcraft.

This is where I kind of get lost for words right now… It’s like that magick is within us, but now we take that magick and through using witchcraft, which looks like the layering of intention by using tools such as cauldrons, or wands, or brooms, or athames, any kind of tools, whether they’re candles, whether we’re adding herbs, any other correspondences that feel appropriate to us to work with, whether we’re using those candles, those herbs, those correspondences in spells, all of those things direct the magick.

Now, here’s the difference, when we use the tools, the candles, the herbs, the crystals, the moon waters, you know, whatever it is that we’re using, when we use that, we are tapping into all of the people that have used that also.

So when I teach people how to, I suppose it is witchcraft, when I teach people how to use the tools and how to use the candles, I will always say, traditionally, a red candle has been used for passion or for energy or for whatever you associate red with, whatever typical energy red would be. Because when we use that, we add to the energy of all the people that have used red for passion, for courage, for fire, for creativity, who have used that in the hundreds and hundreds of years before us.

The people that have used rosemary to go, ‘oh, this is really good for clearing the energetic smog, for helping us to think clearer’, peppermint for clarity, for upset stomachs.

All those things, it’s like we add to the energy of saying, ‘oh, red means this, orange means this’, ‘we would use this crystal for this, and this crystal for that’.

We add to that collective energy. So that, every time we use red, we tap into an archetypal energy as well as the individual energy.

And so that’s great. So even if you aren’t connected to your own magick, you don’t know what your own magick looks or feels like, you’re still giving your power away to other people, because that’s a very important factor of owning your own magick, is, that is magick and power are absolutely entwined.

And I talk about that quite a lot in the class, and I know that I’ve done previous podcasts on the importance of reclaiming our power, but those two are absolutely entwined.

However, if you don’t, if you’re not owning your power, you’re not owning your magick, you can tap into the energy of a red candle or using these herbs or using these crystals, and you can still create change because you’re tapping into that collective energy.

And so, you can follow a spell. I like to think of spells as recipes, because that’s what they do. They’re like, do this, do this, do this, do this and do this. Here’s a recipe tried and tested, try it yourself, you can do this.

And so, we do that. And with that, quite often you’ll create change.

However, I think that when we work with witchcraft, and magick, it’s about relationships.

So, when you think of the colour red for you, perhaps it’s not about power, perhaps it’s not about courage, perhaps it’s not about passion, perhaps it’s about anger. And actually, you don’t want any extra anger right now, or perhaps it’s about something else.

And so, even if you’re creating, if you’re following a spell like you would do in witchcraft, and you were following someone else’s recipe, and you are using things because you thought you should do it, because that’s the way you have been told to do it, you may get a good result, or you might get a hit or miss result, because actually the things don’t really correspond to those meanings for you.

It’s like if you were told, ‘oh, you should have banana bread, because it’s really good for you’, for whatever reason. Perhaps you don’t like bananas, it might be good for some people that love bananas, but for you, it’s not going to be that great

Or if someone says, ‘oh, yes, you should make this recipe with the ‘devil’s food’, rum and raisin ice cream’. Let’s say if someone said, I’ll make crepes with rum and raisin ice cream for X, Y, and Z, and I did, I would eat that, I’d absolutely hate it. Well, I wouldn’t eat it at all actually, it’s disgusting. But if you love rum and raisin ice cream, you’d have a very different experience. And it’s the same with witchcraft.

So for me, the magick in witchcraft, when you can align with your own magick, when you can look at witchcraft and go, ‘oh, yeah, actually, what I need for this is an orange candle or a yellow candle’, or ‘actually, I don’t want to use rosemary, bay leaf works better for me’.

Because you know yourself.

You know your magick, you trust yourself.

And with that comes that intuition, that comes that inspiration, that’s when the witchcraft takes your magick to a whole new level.

Because it allows you to channel and more deeply focus with intent, your own magick, I think of witchcraft as layering your magick.

So, you have your magick anyway, everybody has their magick, but now if you want to take that to another level, and you start bringing in the witchcraft, so you are basically crafting your witch energy, your wise woman energy, your inner knowing energy, and you are crafting that.

So, you’re not just following a recipe mindlessly or buying something on Etsy, not that there’s anything wrong with that, you know, we all start somewhere.

But when you’re like, ‘oh, no, I’m ready to craft my magick’ and you start learning and developing relationships with your own tools, when you’re developing relationships with the herbs and the crystals. And I say crystals, but they might be rocks and pebbles that you found in your own garden.

That’s when you are becoming a master of your craft, instead of a cook.

Instead of just following a recipe, you’re now going, oh yes, and what I actually want to work with

how I feel in my life right now,

how my energy feels,

how I feel with this time of the year, this time of the month, because of the moon phases, or maybe a menstrual cycle.

How I feel about this actually, what I want to bring in, is this elements.

And I want to bring in this and you just know, like the perfect pinch of magick, the perfect pinch of air quotes, “salt” or a little sprinkle of cinnamon, just to shift the whole flavour of the work that you are doing, the change that you are creating, because you are now crafting.

So, for me, that’s the main difference between magick and witchcraft.

Everybody has magick, everybody has access to their inherent way of being in the world.

Some people choose to access it, and some people don’t. Some people live their life through like a magickal lens, and some people are like, ‘nope, not having any of that’, ‘that was just coincidence’, ‘everything is awful’.

Whereas when we want to craft, it’s like that’s when we hone our ability to wield and weave that energy in the world.

We’re just bringing our conscious energy to it, and we are layering all of those correspondences on to it.

We’re layering those relationships onto it, so that when we are creating change, whether we’re doing it with just our magick through mindset and intention, or if we’re bringing in the candles, and the herbs, and the rituals, and the chants, and the drumming and the invocations, what we’re doing is we’re creating channels for us to receive.

So, in either way, if you’re only working with magick, or if you’re crafting your witch energy, you are creating channels to receive.

You’re saying to the universe, ‘this is what I want, how am I going to create the energy to receive this?’

‘What do I need to do?’

And so, we’re sending energy out into the world like energetic cords out into the world, like little spider webs going, this is what I want universe. And what we’re doing is those webs then create channels for us to receive the magick, the things, the emotions, the opportunities, whatever it is that we’re asking for.

Whatever it is we’re working with, we’re sending out to those channels, to create channels to receive our desires.

And so, we can do that purely with our intention, with our mindset, with our thoughts, with our actions, with our behaviours.

Or we can create more/deeper channels, wider channels, bigger channels for us to receive by really crafting our energy and knowing ourselves deeply.

Because I believe that’s what witchcraft is.

And I was talking on our class on Thursday, about the tools that we use, and there’s an Instagram account that I follow, that makes the most beautiful brooms, I mean, they’re absolutely stunning witch brooms.

And each year, in the Witch Academy, we create our own brooms, little handheld brooms, and I’ve made them out of twigs, I’ve made them out of herbs, little herb bundles.

And mine, they have a certain beauty to them, I think they’re beautiful. They are like nothing compared to this Instagram account I follow, and yet I know that the tool that I create, and sometimes it’s literally a bunch of rosemary with a piece of string around the top, it doesn’t even have to be fancy. But when I’ve made that with intention, when I’ve made that with a circle of people in the Witch Academy, that tool has my intention, it has my desires, it has me in it, I’ve collected those tools, I’ve made them. I know that actually is going to have stronger meaning to me, rather than one that looks really pretty.

Of course, the pretty one will still work, absolutely. Consecrate it, you make it your own, but there is something really powerful about making our own tools, whether it’s, you know, sometimes I use a biro as a wand to direct energy.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

But there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with buying all of the things, you need to. Buy that beautiful broom and buy the wands, there is a beauty in that.

But the tool is only magick because of the energy you bring to it.

So, if you’ve created it, it has even more of that magick into it.

I mean, maybe one day, I’ll learn how to work with metal to cast my own cauldron, but until then I’ll keep buying them… or actually, I won’t because I have plenty…

But it’s not about, you having to make your tools, but there is a magick and a potency that you bring to that tool.

Because again, it’s like you’re literally crafting your magick, you are crafting a tool that you’re going to work with.

You are crafting that witch energy.

So, let me know how this resonates for you.

Like I said, you are absolutely welcome if you haven’t already come and join our community to come and join our 6 weeks of magick.

I’m just showing up once a week and we’re having a deeper dive into some topics. This week, we did the fundamentals of magick. Next week, we are doing energetic health and hygiene. And the reason we do that is because I want to make sure everyone’s on the same page when we’re talking about magick, what it is, how it shows up.

Then we need to make sure our energy is clean, clean is the wrong word, clear, and that we are aware of how we use our energy, for the exact reasons I’ve just spoken about today.

When we want to work with our energy, we have to know what’s ours and what isn’t, what is our magick.

If you’re like, ‘but Rebecca, I don’t know what my magick is,’ you need to be coming to the class on Tuesday, as I say it’s completely free to join, there’s a replay available, it’s all available over in our community.

And then on the third class, then we’re talking about spells. Basically, we’ll be talking about spells, creating spells, and working with relationships. So that’s when we’re going to dive deeper into the idea of witchcraft, crafting your witch energy, crafting your wise woman energy. So, I hope you can join us for that. I hope you found this interesting. But I would love to know your thoughts on magick versus witchcraft.

So come over into our community, click the link in the show notes to join our community, and there’ll be this podcast in there and just comment underneath.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to have that conversation because when I’ve done the interviews recently for the people that have contributed to the book The Modern Craft, I’ve asked them what magick is, and everyone has their own idea of magick.

This just happens to be my idea of magick and how it shows up.

So, I’d love to hear what your idea of magick is.

So, thank you for joining me, hopefully I will see you on Tuesday, if not, I will speak to you again very soon. Bye!