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Today on the A Pinch of Magick podcast I’m joined by Louisa Darling founder of Barefoot Festival and the Witch Festival in Leicester

As we talk about the importance of having a space to explore and return home to yourself,no matter your age.

In this episode we dig deep into using the experiences you’ve had as a way to discover your own magick. Whilst remembering that there is no set path or strict rules you need to follow to get permission to claim and use your power and magick.

Perhaps you’ve been curious about how to step into more of your power and magick. But as you’ve explored this possibility, you’ve felt that you don’t belong or haven’t been welcome in certain groups or situations.

It’s painful for sure.

Well, on today’s episode Louisa shares her experience of finding the perfect community and her experience of embodying her own power and magick, especially as she gets older.

I hope that today’s episode inspires you to embrace where you are and look forward to what’s to come!

In this episode Louisa shares:

  • How her journey to creating magickal gatherings began with belly dancing
  • The dissonance she experienced between enjoying belly dancing and watching the bombing of the Gaza Strip
  • How this led her to explore earth dancing from her own lineage
  • How her training, teaching and experience of Kundalini Yoga mirrored her experience of magick
  • The importance of private practice and the importance of coming together with others
  • How she found some moots to be cliquey, so she decided to create her own gatherings
  • What it means to be a ‘real’ witch
  • The reluctance she had to claim the title of ‘witch’
  • The importance of healing the ‘witch wound’, so women feel brave about speaking out
  • The importance of reclaiming the power that mid-life brings with it
  • How it can seem easy to dismiss the activism of mid-life women, but that’s when they have more power
  • How when we deny our power and repress past events, our bodies can store that information and how it manifests in daily life
  • How we can be quick to throw away and reject what appears to be ‘rubbish’, when that’s where the gold can be.
  • The importance of remembering that you’re not alone on this path.

About Louisa Darling

Louisa, is the Mistress of ceremony for Barefoot Festival, curator of Wild Woman Camp & Witch Festival. Mother of 5, kundalini yoga teacher & allotment keeper!


Connect with Louisa

Instagram: @louisadarling
Facebook: Wild Woman Camp
Events: Witch Festival in Leicester 29th April 2023

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