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PLEASE NOTE: Today’s episode contains adult themes and occasional language some might find offensive


Today on the A Pinch of Magick podcast I’m joined by Lucy H Pearce, an author, artist, and founder of Womancraft Publishing.


We start off talking about how Lucy first got into writing. It’s a story that many of you might find familiar—a need to express, to connect, to make sense of the world. Lucy shares how writing became her way of doing just that, and how it evolved into something much bigger than she could ever have anticipated.

Then we get into the heart of what happens when you suppress that creative urge. Lucy’s been there, and she talks about the toll it takes. It’s a bit like holding your breath; at some point, you’ve got to let it out.

Sharing your most honest work can be terrifying. Lucy knows this all too well, and she shares how she learned to get more comfortable with it. It’s about finding that balance between vulnerability and strength, and she’s got some tips that could help you do just that.

Lucy explains that each book she brings into the world is like stepping out of her comfort zone abit more. It’s a challenge, but one that she leans into, and she tells us why.

We also touch on something a bit heavier—the sense of danger Lucy has felt in her own body when tackling certain topics. It’s a reminder that creating a safe space for yourself is crucial, especially when you’re pushing your own boundaries.

Now, why is the feminine so often linked with darkness, with things that are considered ‘bad’? Lucy and I delve into this, breaking down some of the cultural narratives that have shaped these beliefs. She believes that one of the biggest gifts she can give the world is breaking that silence, giving voice to those things that have been silenced or kept in the shadows.

What does success look like to you? Lucy urges us to define that for ourselves, to step away from what society tells us it should be. It’s about stepping into your own truth, and she’s got some thoughts on how you can do that.

We discuss Lucy’s latest book, The Kitchen Witch Companion, and how it’s more than just a collection of recipes. Lucy describes it as a journey into reclaiming our power, our magick, and our true hunger and desires. She also explains what magick means to her.

We wrap up with a discussion about evidence, the importance of ‘noticing,’ and why life is never really ‘done.’ It’s a constant process of change and evolution, and Lucy’s next book, Crow Moon, is a testament to that.

By the end of our chat, you’ll walk away with not just answers to some big questions, but also a toolkit for navigating your own path.

So, are you ready to dive in?

About Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy H. Pearce is the author of multiple life-changing non-fiction books, including Nautilus Award silver winners Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, and Creatrix: she who makes.

Her other titles include: Moon Time, Reaching for the Moon, Moods of Motherhood, The Rainbow Way, Full Circle Health, She of the Sea, Crow Moon and she is the co-author and illustrator of The Kitchen Witch Companion.

Her writing focuses on women’s healing through archetypal psychology, embodiment, historical awareness and creativity. Her work has been shared internationally in online and print media.

An award-winning graduate in History of Ideas with English Literature from Kingston University, and a PGCE from Cambridge University, Lucy founded Womancraft Publishing, publishing paradigm-shifting books by women for women, in 2014.

Lucy is a multi-faceted creative whose work spans the expressive arts, exploring the lost archetypes of the feminine and symbols of the soul.

She is a much in demand teacher at international events and teaches regular e-courses on creative writing, editing and publishing.

The mother of three children, she lives in a small village by the Celtic Sea in East Cork, Ireland.


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