Getting Started
WEEK ONE: Cultivate a Magickal Mindset
WEEK TWO: Banish Negative and Unhelpful Energies
WEEK THREE: Activate the Magick with Routines that Make You Radiant
WEEK FOUR: Enchant Your Everyday Chores with Practical Magick
WEEK 5: Conjure Your Power, Passion and Purpose
WEEK 6: Become Magnetic
BONUS CLASS 1: Enchanted Tools
BONUS CLASS 2: Create Your Own Oracle Deck

Magickal Moments

Magickal Moments

This journal is a sacred space for you to record the magickal moments you encounter each day – and invite more into your life.

What you focus on grows, so let it be the magick!

Journal: Magickal Moments

Enchanted – Magickal Moments