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WEEK ONE: Cultivate a Magickal Mindset
WEEK TWO: Banish Negative and Unhelpful Energies
WEEK THREE: Activate the Magick with Routines that Make You Radiant
WEEK FOUR: Enchant Your Everyday Chores with Practical Magick
WEEK 5: Conjure Your Power, Passion and Purpose
WEEK 6: Become Magnetic
BONUS CLASS 1: Enchanted Tools
BONUS CLASS 2: Create Your Own Oracle Deck

The Sacred Pause

The Sacred Pause

The Sacred Pause is a quick, simple, in-the-moment practice that you can use anywhere at any time to create space in your life when you need it.

One of the wonderful things about a Sacred Pause is that you can do it in a moment, even on the busiest of days.

In fact, the practice can create a moment to cut through that noise and busyness and allow you to become present.

The challenge is to remember that this tool is available to you.

It’s to remember that whenever you feel overwhelmed, caught up in the energy of striving or anxious about the future, you can give yourself the gift of a Sacred Pause.

This steps you out of your current experience of life. It gives you the space to consciously change how you feel.

It’s also a useful practice even when you’re not feeling overwhelmed. For example, if you’re caught up in routine, day-to-day activities such as working on your computer, cleaning or eating, the Sacred Pause creates a moment to check in with yourself.

It allows you to become present, notice how you’re feeling and give your current task your full attention.

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