Getting Started
WEEK ONE: Cultivate a Magickal Mindset
WEEK TWO: Banish Negative and Unhelpful Energies
WEEK THREE: Activate the Magick with Routines that Make You Radiant
WEEK FOUR: Enchant Your Everyday Chores with Practical Magick
WEEK 5: Conjure Your Power, Passion and Purpose
WEEK 6: Become Magnetic
BONUS CLASS 1: Enchanted Tools
BONUS CLASS 2: Create Your Own Oracle Deck

Radiant Routines

Radiant Routines

Creating ritual and routines in your day allows you to feel safe and centred as you weave your magick.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create mystical mornings that set your day up for joy and success.
  • Enchanted evenings to bring closure to your day, ready for a magickal new day.
  • Sacred pauses to bring you and your energy back to centre, so that you feel grounded and clear.

For the longest time, people have found comfort in ritual and routines, and have used them – knowingly or not – as a vehicle for magick.

After all, rituals allow us to focus and direct our energy and intention and that’s all that magick really is. And routines help us to do things with ease and less conscious effort.

Rituals and routines can also guide us into a deeper relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

I invite you to choose practices to create your own magical rituals and routines in whatever way works best for you.

These radiant routines will support your magick and build your soul stamina so that you can stay true to yourself as you do more and receive more.