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This episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast, is all about embracing the wild, the sacred, and that deep-seated longing we all experience at some point.

Life has this uncanny knack for taking us on detours, sometimes making us feel more lost than found. But what if that sense of ‘being lost’ is actually an invitation to rediscover ourselves?
This week on A Pinch of Magick podcast, I have the absolute pleasure of sitting with Wendy Havlir, a shamanic practitioner, teacher, poet, published writer, and founder of The School of Wild & Holy.
Pull up your cosiest blanket, grab that cup of tea, and join us as we delve deep into:
  • The magick of daily practices and devotion – and why these rituals might just be the lifebuoy you need.
  • The art of longing and the treasures it can reveal about our true selves.
  • Wendy’s intimate journey of self-discovery.
  • That heart-wrenching pain of abandoning yourself and how to find your way back home.
  • Navigating the murky waters of grief and despair with sacred practices as your compass.
  • The “brilliant sanity” in our stories and the courage to let them go when they no longer serve.
  • And, my personal favourite, embracing our wild nature and unlocking parts of ourselves we’ve hidden away.
Wendy’s insights are a masterclass in self-awareness, growth, and the beauty of raw, unfiltered truth. By the end of this heart-to-heart, you’ll be ready to not just face your fears but dance with their truth.
So, if you’re yearning to ignite that spark within, to lean into your wildness, and to truly honour your deepest desires, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.
As Wendy beautifully puts it, “Know nothing and be open to everything.”
You’re in for a transformative ride. Let’s get wild and holy together!
With love and magick
Rebecca xo

About Wendy Havlir

Wendy Havlir, is a shamanic practitioner, teacher, poet, published writer, and founder of The School of Wild & Holy.

She bridges academic scholarship & her experience as a Contemplative Psychotherapist with the mystical world of Spirit & direct revelation.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Wendy engages with the language of soul and the multifaceted support of the spirit world.

She holds 3 Master’s Degrees, two from St. John’s College (the first in Eastern Classics & Philosophy with a Sanskrit concentration; and the second in Liberal Arts). Her 3rd Master’s is in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Wendy has written two books, The Reach Is (W)holy and The Mistress of Longing.


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