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Today on the A Pinch of Magick podcast I start by sharing how incredibly witchy Valentine’s day is with its kitchen witchery, love spells and enchantments and then show you how to use this collective energy to weave potent magick for yourself.

If you love valentine’s day or hate it, I hope this episode will inspire you to weave more of your own magick into the day so that you can enjoy its inherent magick.

This isn’t an episode about romantic relationships or finding your soulmate. It’s an episode about your relationship with yourself, becoming your own soulmate and how in doing so, how you can let more love in.

I want to inspire you to take some time to really be with yourself, to start to silence the inner critic and give yourself permission to truly remember how fabulous and magickal you are!

I want you to start to feel more love in your everyday life – and yes, it starts with you.

In this episode I share:

  • The different ways people are weaving magick on this day, and most don’t even realise it
  • How to intentionally use the collective energy of the day to cultivate more love in your life
  • A reminder to do things your way and step out of the commercial and societal judgements and expectations of love
  • A ritual to clear away self-doubt and bring in more self-love
  • A spell to really remember your own power, magick and wonderfulness
  • I share how you could do the spell with loved one and/or friends for some extra potency
I’d love to hear which you’re going to try and how you got on with it.

Resources mentioned:

The GRACE Ritual from the Magcikal Knickers book

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