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On today’s episode I interview Dr Alice Tarbuck and Dr Claire Eskew about the book they have curated: The Modern Craft; Powerful voices on witchcraft ethics.

We discuss:

  • The ethics of witchcraft and how we can create more ethical practices
  • Creating inclusive practices and spaces
  • Claire and Alice’s definitions of magick
  • The power of words
  • Power, witch trials and truly oppressed people
  • The history of witchcraft and witch hunts
  • The people who were traditionally the witches and shamans
  • How witchcraft can be used for good in the world
  • Magick that feeds, heals and helps
  • Claire and Alice share their favourite essays in their book and their experiences of writing their own

This is a fascinating conversation full of magick, inspiration and thought provoking ideas.


The Modern Craft: Powerful Voices on Witchcraft Ethics – Available now on Amazon


About The Curators of the Book: The Modern Craft

Dr Alice Tarbuck is a writer, author of A Spell In The Wild and academic specializing in witchcraft and environmental humanities.

She has been featured in Nasty Women and The Dangerous Women Project, and she has spoken on witchcraft at Scottish PEN, Freedom TV and the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

Dr Claire Askew is the author of three novels: All The Hidden Truths, What You Pay For and Cover Your Tracks. A fourth, A Matter of Time, is out this year.

Also a poet, Claire’s second collection How to burn a woman features voices from the European Witchcraft Hysteria.

Claire’s accolades include the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize, a Jessie Kesson Fellowship and the McIlvanney Debut Prize.

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