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Is that the longest podcast title yet 🤣

On today’s episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast we explore how habits (don’t groan just yet) can create the soul stamina you need to achieve the goals and intentions that you desire.

Inspired by today’s First Quarter Moon in Virgo, we look at the magick of creating intentional habits, and how it’s the micro habits, not the grand gestures, that can give us the most sustainable momentum.


We cover:

  • How to create magickal habits 
  • How to create magickal habits that work for you
  • My avoidance/rebellion of to-do lists
  • What happened when I embraced the ‘lists’
  • The cause of stop-start progress when starting something new
  • The energetic exhaustion of  psyching yourself up for something, and the crash and burn that’s often on the other side of it
  • The power of starting small, teeny-tiny
  • The best time of the day to implement your habits for success
  • The importance of sleep

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