Welcome to 12-Days of Magical Self Care

We all know that self-care is really important, but we can often put it at the bottom of our to-do list prioritising all the things that need to be done and achieved. Doing all the things that we prioritise over own health and well-being.

I mean it’s hardly surprising that we do this.

We live in a world that rewards hard work and achievements. A world that can make us feel guilty or even selfish for prioritising ourselves and our needs.

This can leave us feeling empty, run down, frustrated and resentful.


Just a few moments a day

During our 12-Days of magickal self-care together, I want to show you how it’s possible to take a few moments each day to nourish yourself and fill yourself back up.

I know during this busy festive season, your own self-care might be even further down the list than usual. But when we’re busiest, that’s when we need to look after ourselves the most.

In just a few moments everyday, you’ll remember the importance, joy and benefits of reconnecting with yourself and prioritising yourself, your needs and your care, all with a pinch of magick!


You are the magick!

Magickal self-care doesn’t involve you doing anything ‘special’. It’s not about conjuring magick because you are the magick.

You don’t need any special tools or equipment, because you bring the magick, because you are the magick.

Over the next 12 days I want you to reconnect with the magick that is you, the magick and power that you hold within you, so that you can sustain yourself and nourish yourself through anytime of the year, but particularly this time of year when it can feel there’s more demands on your time and energy.

When we think about magickal self-care, we’re of course looking at nourishing your body, but we’re also prioritising your  spiritual health too.


Creating Change

When you connect with your magick, you invite yourself to remember that you hold the power to create change in any area of your life.

And by doing just a little bit of self-care each day I’m hoping that you will have a much more fun, nourishing, and fulfilling festive season.

I hope to do this with just a few minutes everyday. A little bit of self-care each day is so much more powerful than one ‘bigger’ thing once a month.

It’s much like exercising. Doing a little bit of exercise each day is much more effective than doing a two-hour gym session once a month.

Stretching your body and getting some fresh air for five minutes a day has a more sustained and therefore greater long-term impact than going to the gym for a mammoth session once a year.

The same with self-care.

Just doing a few moments every day, is so much more powerful than going for a spa day once every six months.

I want to help you create this as part of your routine so that you can create a better relationship with yourself, so that you can learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition.


It starts with noticing your energy

To get us started I want you to explore your energy. To notice how your energy ebbs and flow throughout the day, and how this makes you feel.

One way we can look at this ebb and flow energy is to consider the idea of the masculine and feminine.

When I talk about ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, I’m not talking about gender. I’m talking about the divine masculine and the divine feminine in the archetypal forms. Regardless of the gender you identify with, everybody has masculine and feminine energy within them.


Doing Vs Being

The masculine energy is the energy that helps us to get things done. It gives us drive and logic. It’s linear and likes to keep going and going and going and to do so quickly. It’s all about doing.

The feminine energy within you is the ability to create, rest and receive. It’s the mysteries of your life, your intuition and the things you can’t always explain but know to be true. It has a spiral structure that likes to take its time. It’s all about being.


We need both

It’s essential that we have both in our life.

Sometimes we need to call on our more masculine energy when we need to get thigs done, and sometimes we need to embrace more of our feminine when we need to rest and refuel ourselves.

As we get busier it’s easy to push the feminine energy down and ignore her needs, so over the next 12-days I invite you to really look at your relationship with your energy of feminine flow.

I like to imagine the energy of the masculine and the feminine as a river.

The riverbanks are the masculine and the water is the feminine.

The riverbanks provide a clear structure so that the water can express herself.

The riverbanks provide a structure to hold the water – it doesn’t contain the water, just lovingly holds the water so she can express herself in any way she pleases.

The water can go slow or fast, she can carve her own path. But without the riverbanks holding and supporting her, the water would be a flood plain and unable to express herself.

My intention is that over the next 12 days, these daily reminders will be the container for you, so that you can explore and pick and choose what works for you and what doesn’t. And then take those practices that work for you and continue to do them after our 12-days together.


Today’s Magickal Self-Care

For today, I want you to start noticing how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day.

When you feel more governed by the masculine energy of doing and when you feel more in your feminine energy of being.

If you notice times in the day where you feel overwhelmed and frustrated the chances are your body was actually calling you into your feminine energy, into your rest energy, and you ignored it, probably because you had things to do!

I want you to start looking at ways you can nourish that feminine energy.

Just as we are governed by the ebb and flow of cycles, days go from day to night, seasons cycle through spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the tides of the oceans move in and out, your own energy naturally does the same.

The more you can work with your own ebb and flow of energy, the more you can get done and more fulfilled you will feel – filled instead of empty.

This is about becoming full of life and not being an exhausted shell of yourself.

Often people are concerned that if they stop and rest that they’ll never feel like doing any work ever again. But that just doesn’t happen. Our energies are always ebbing and flowing. There are times throughout our days, throughout a month, throughout our years, when we feel lit and ready to do more and there are times when we need to rest.

Noticing your own changes in energy is about bringing you back into connection with your own natural cycles.

No doubt you are very comfortable with the doing of the masculine energy. And I’m sure that there are lots of things you need to do today. Let the masculine energy support you do that.

Let’s also get you as skilled in working with your feminine energy.

So, let’s explore the kind of things you can do to embrace more of that feminine energy.

What’s one thing you could do today to connect you to your feminine energy?

It could include:

  • having a rest even if it’s for five minutes
  • drinking plenty of water
  • consciously choosing nourishing foods that feel good to you
  • doing something that brings you pleasure
  • focusing on something that delights your senses
  • breathing intentionally; just breathing in deeply and exhaling fully
  • dancing; any movement that wiggles your hips would be perfect
  • receive graciously; when someone gives you a compliment say ‘thank you’ and receive it


At the end of the day ask yourself the following questions:

When you felt your energy at the highest?
Perhaps it was in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

When did you feel at your calmest?
Was this during a time in the day or during an activity?

Were there any points throughout the day when you felt overwhelmed or frustrated?

As I mentioned earlier, often when we feel overwhelmed it’s because we’re trying to override our feminine energy. She wants to rest, but we keep pushing on through. And of course there are times when we need to – but it should become the exception, not the rule.

Today isn’t about judging yourself. It’s about become curious.  It’s about become aware of yourself, your energy and your needs so that you can have a better more nourishing relationship with ourselves.

What we know and understand we value. The more you can get to know yourself and understand yourself, the more you will value yourself.

I’m asking you to notice your energy today. However, it would be amazing if you could do this throughout the whole 12 days. As you pay more attention to your energy, you’ll start to notice the patterns that show up for you. If you have a menstrual cycle you may notice that it links with with your menstrual cycle, if you don’t have a menstrual cycle you might notice that your energy syncs with the moon. Perhaps you notice your energy change with the seasons.

Take this opportunity to start to become curious about you about your energy and your own needs change and by the end of the 12 days you’re going to have a much deeper, better, more fulfilling and of course nourishing relationship with yourself.

Let me know how you got on with today’s mini exercise and I look forward to meeting you again tomorrow when we dive deeper into the energy of magickal self-care and start looking at your own needs.

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