Welcome back to 12-days of Magickal Self-Care.

On day 3, I want to focus on your home.

Yesterday we looked at how self-care is much more than just magazine worthy bubble baths and mani-pedi’s, as great as they can be, self-care is more about the daily things, often the small things like remembering to drink water or breathe deeply, that support your wellness on all levels of your being.

Today I want us to turn your attention to your home.

That may seem like an odd place to go next, but your home can make you feel safe. And if you want to create change and learn to prioritise yourself and your needs you need to feel safe enough to do that.


Feeling safe is essential if you want to experience real self-care

It’s essential that you feel safe.

Safe in your surroundings and safe in your body.

Many people don’t feel safe in their body.

This may stem from having an unhealthy relationship of view of their body. This can be caused by a society that encourages comparison, or it could be due to health issues, pain or trauma.

Many people punish themselves and their body – you can see this when people have an unhealthy relationship with food or exercise, either doing too much or too little of either.


The body can be painful

Let’s face it, the body can be a painful place to be.

Physical aches and pain. Unwanted attention. Not thinking you look the way you should to ‘fit in’ to today’s current beauty standards.

When you look in the mirror do you think kind words to yourself and recognise your beauty, or are you scathing and feel shame for not looking how you think you should. Or perhaps you can’t even bring yourself to look in the mirror.

Your body remembers. It keeps a record of everything you’ve experienced, heard and felt.


The body doesn’t lie

When I started my kinesiology practice, I would see many women who came to me with IBS, eczema and other similar issues.

They wanted to know what they were allergic to so that they could eliminate it from their diet.

But in the vast majority of cases, they weren’t allergic to a food, they were ‘allergic’ to the life they were living.

Once we got to the heart of the issue, it was clear that these women were unhappy with their lives. They were intelligent women. They had done everything that had been expected of them. They’d got their education and had successful careers. They had families and a lifestyle they were told that they should have.

So whilst on the outside they appeared successful by a societal standard. They weren’t happy and felt guilty and ashamed for wanting something different.

And not wanting to appear ungrateful they would continue to overcompensate by doing more of what other people wanted of them, further estranging themselves from their needs and desire.


Disconnected from their truth

Instead of feeling that they could voice their desire, or in some cases even knowing their desire, they supressed it. Resulting in the pent-up emotions and frustration, even in many cases anger, being expressed through explosive bowels and weeping skin.

It was more socially acceptable for them to have IBS or eczema than it was for them to say that they were unhappy and wanted change.


Disconnected from your body

When we don’t feel safe in our body, or feel that it’s working against us, we can disassociate from our body.

When we dissociate from our body, we give away our power and authority because we are no longer connected to our truth and inner knowing.

Unfortunately, many people benefit from you not being in your power. Not being in your power, makes it easier for you to doubt yourself and you become more susceptible advertising as you don’t feel good enough and when you don’t feel good enough you are less likely to make change in your life and the world around you.


The importance of presence

When we feel safe, we can be present.

Present in our body. Present to our own needs.

Being present is accepting all of yourself, not just the ‘pretty’ and socially acceptable parts of your body, life and experience.

It’s about accepting, even loving, all of yourself, even your troubled and unglamourous parts. Presence is the acceptance of your wholeness and not the rejection of the parts that no longer fit with who you want to be.


Wholeness is where you experience your power

And this wholeness is where your power is, and you access this power through being present.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about the idea of being present and why that’s so important – especially from an energetic point of view.

But for you to be able to feel safe enough to feel present, we need to start by making your home a place where you can feel safe, or at least safer.


Practical magick

So, in my ever so practical style, let’s bring some magic to the mundane and talk cleaning.

Next time you clean any area of your home set the intention to create a safe and nurturing space.

When we clean we remove the old and make room for the new and for the magick to happen.

You may want to clean your entire house, or if that feels a bit overwhelming, choose to start with one room.

Where would you like to bring in the energy of safety and nourishment.

What room do you associate with safety and nourishment? Perhaps it’s the kitchen, bathroom or front room?

And as you clean, have the intention that as well as the normal physical space you’re clearing, that you’re also clearing away any old patterns that no longer serve you.

If you’re cleaning the cooker and oven, you could have the intention that you’re creating the space to receive a more nourishing relationship with yourself and the food eat.

If you’re clearing the bath or shower, you could imagine washing away any negative views of your body and replacing them with positive feelings and love towards yourself.

As you wipe down the mirrors, you can have the intention to see yourself in your wholeness and beauty.

As you clean, open your windows to let in some fresh air and put in your favourite music to uplift your energy.

Clean and declutter, knowing that you are doing so with greater intention and more magickal meaning.

You could also use this as an opportunity to get rid of things that surround you that no longer align with what you want in life. Repair or remove items that are broken. Donate or give giveaway things that you don’t like anymore – or at least put them somewhere you no longer have to see them.

And as a gentle reminder – just because someone gifted you something, you don’t have to keep it on display. You can still be grateful and put it away.


To add a little more magick to your cleaning, you could add some herbs or a few drops of essential oil to your water that you’re using for cleaning. You could use:

Basil for wealth

Mint for health

Lavender for peace

Lemon Balm for relationships

Rosemary for good luck

Always being mindful if using herbs and essential oils if you have pets or children.

Use this water to wipe down kitchen counters, mop the floors, clean your windows and mirrors etc.


Welcome in a new level of feeling safe

Once you’ve finished cleaning, welcome in your new energy of safety, presence and nourishment.

To do this pay particular attention to your doorstep or front door. This area is where you welcome new energies into your home and life.

Cinnamon is a good herb to sprinkle around these areas or you can use water with cinnamon in to wipe over these areas and charge with its properties of security and luck.


Another way to protect your home is to sprinkle a small amount of salt across your front doorstep or under a welcome mat outside.

This cleanses the energies that enter your home.

A final way that you can feel safer in your home is to check the smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. And before you go to bed, double check that windows are shut, and doors are locked.

These may seem like small things to do and that you already do unconsciously. But when we bring our attention to them, we are reaffirming that we are safe, and we can drift off to a deeper, more restful sleep.


What will you choose to focus on today?

What can you clean, remove or check, so that you can affirm the energy of feeling safe in your home.

Don’t forget to come and let us know what you’re focusing on over in our community.

And I’ll see you tomorrow for day-4 where we’ll look at how you can build on this energy of feeling safe and extend it to feeling safe in your body so that you can be present to yourself and your needs.


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