Welcome back to 12-days of Magickal Self-Care.

Today, on day 5, I want to continue to focus on becoming present

Yesterday we looked at being present in your body using your senses, today we’re going to look at what it means to stay energetically present.


Your energetic health is essential

We often overlook the energetic aspect of us, but it’s essential.

People often talk about being in alignment, but think in terms of their actions aligning with their desire. But if it was that easy so many more people would be experiencing more of what they desire.

What they overlook is the energetic aspects of us. The part of us that stores memories and patterns. Because we can’t generally see it, it’s easier to ignore and yet you are influenced by it all the time.

We are energetic beings, we talk in terms of energy; I’m exhausted, burnt out and wired.

I cover this in more detail in my book Ditch the Doubt (available on Amazon), but here’s what you need to be aware of.


How your energy becomes confused ‘smog’

Every day, you’re in contact with people and the world.

You interact with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbours. You scroll through social media, watch the news and learn what’s going on politically. Perhaps you’ll experience conflict, or have uncomfortable conversations with others. You may have arguments or disagreements.

Regardless, every time someone comes and ‘offloads’ all their angst on you, you take it on in your energetic system. The same thing happens when they share their fears and concerns or ask your advice, or when you witness or experience a trauma or tragedy.

Additionally, we’re all constantly surrounded by judgements, negative opinions, disempowering thoughts, media and advertising, movies, shows and social media. And of course, most of us own all kinds of devices that encourage us to scroll excessively.


External judgements, ‘should’s and expectations affect you

On top of all this, the world bombards us with messages about who we should be, what we should do, how we should spend our time and what we should achieve and accomplish.
Together, all of these interactions and experiences immerse us in an ‘energetic smog’ of other people’s thoughts, feelings, fears, judgements and opinions.

And that smog can make it impossible to clearly see what belongs to you and what belongs to other people. This, in turn, can leave you uncertain about what you really want, and what you are and aren’t comfortable doing to make it happen.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the feeling of having a great day until someone who isn’t comes along, and all they want to do is moan. Then, after they leave, you just feel drained.

Or you watch a film, and even though you know it’s just a story, you still find yourself crying or angry at the injustice one of the characters experiences. Many years ago, I watched Into the Wild, which had such a sad ending that I physically felt ‘off’ for hours after the film finished.

This happens because every time we interact with someone or something – even if it’s fictional – we exchange energy with it, creating an energetic connection.

Some of those connections are tiny, with very little emotional charge. Perhaps someone held the door open for you and you said, “Thank you.”


The creation of energetic data cables constantly influence you

The energetic ‘cord’ from this kind of exchange would be less than the thickness of a single hair, and would naturally dissolve as the day went on. You might not even remember it a couple of days later.

But some energetic connections are far more substantial, and create a higher emotional charge. For example, if you’ve had a major disagreement with someone, the energetic exchange and the resulting connection will be much more significant.

Think of these energetic cords as massive data cables that send and receive information between you and the person you’re connected to.

Now, this kind of cord can be a positive thing. If someone loves and supports you, you can receive that love and support through your connection with them. However, the opposite is also true: people can project their fears and judgements along the cord, and you can pick up on them.


Signs of a negative influence

Some of the things you might notice if you’re experiencing this kind of unsupportive energetic exchange include:

  • doubting yourself
  • making a decision and then changing your mind
  • feeling like you’re taking three steps forwards and then stumbling two steps back


How to clear the overwhelm and confusion

Back when I first started my kinesiology training in 1999, the tutor recommended a particular Psychic Protection class. The teacher for that class described picking up on other people’s energy in this way:

“Imagine you’re a farmer who’s been out in the fields and mucking out the animals all day. When you come home in your muddy boots and dirty overalls, do you sit on the couch straight away? Of course not – that would be ridiculous! It would leave mud and muck all over your home, so it just doesn’t make sense. And your energetic health is the same way, except that you don’t see the mud.”

I wasn’t really into the idea of ‘psychic’ anything at the time, but I went along to the class anyway. And that training was probably some of the most valuable of my life because it started my interest in – and research into – energetic hygiene.

And gradually, as I learnt more about the topic, I became more aware of how other people interacted with my energy, and how I used my own energy with them. I grew more conscious about how I interacted with others, and started to take responsibility for how I showed up – not only in life, but in relationships too. I also learnt to take responsibility for my past decisions and actions, and take greater responsibility for my choices moving forward.

If I felt drained or depleted around certain people, I gradually learnt how to clear those feelings, and come back into my own energy. And with time, I even stopped allowing others to drain or deplete my energy. Instead, I began to quickly recognise that depletion was imminent, and ‘protect’ my energy by setting boundaries.


Prioritising your needs and self-care

Learning about energetic hygiene taught me to understand where my energy ended in the world, and where other people’s began. Whenever I noticed an intense emotion, I could quickly distinguish whether it was mine, or if I was picking it up from someone else or the collective energy around me.

And the techniques I learnt worked! Even after 20+ years of working energetically with thousands of clients, I never pick up anyone else’s ‘stuff’ now, much less keep it with me.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m highly intuitive, and have many ‘clairs’ (my word for a finely tuned sense that goes beyond the physical – think clairvoyance for clear-seeing, or clairaudience for clear-hearing). And I can still use my clairs appropriately when I want to.

But I always choose when, where and how I use these skills, which means they never overwhelm me.

Another part of avoiding overwhelm is routinely using the practice I’m about to share with you.  This practice will support you to make powerful choices, including ones that help you prioritise your needs and magickal self-care.


A practice to align your energy

Here’s a practice I want to share with you to keep your energy running smooth and clear.

It’s called the SACRED practice, and it helps you to get clear on what you want and need.


The SACRED framework

Taking a moment each morning to run through this practice will create a massive shift in your ability to make choices based on centred clarity, rather than fear and overwhelm.

You will understand the impact of your choices, including your own needs and self-care, on how you feel and connect with others throughout the day.

SACRED is an acronym (if you’ve been following me for a while you know I love an acronym!) for a six step process:

STRIP off all jewellery and crystals, and notice how your energy feels as it naturally flows through your body

ALIGN your energy by sending back anything that isn’t yours (picture a thread or cord, detaching from you and slithering back to whence it came) Come back to your centre and the present moment.

CONNECT to your Higher Self

ROOT into your miraculous body, here on our beautiful planet, imagine roots coming out of your feet and into the earth so you are grounded and present in the here and now

ENCIRCLE yourself with positive energy, a psychic boundary and protection

DECIDE what you want to experience in the coming day or week, and feel your energy drawing it towards you with powerful intentions and actions.

This is a beautiful way to start the day, and you will find every decision you’re faced with is easier to make now that your energy is clear and connected.

You can do this practice as often as you like, each time you do it you’ll become a little more connected to yourself and your own energy.

Don’t forget to come and let us know how you found the practice over in our community.

And I’ll see you tomorrow for day-6 where we’ll look at how you can add some practical, but magickal self-care to your established morning routine.



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